1. Couple of things:

    * The parallel bars are meant to be the ‘=’, which is a little retarded, but that’s what they are.

    * I noticed the lack of polish on the symbol as well (the spacing is just horrendous). Your render with the guidelines makes it so obvious now it looks about twice as bad. Apparently, this passed through the drawing-boards of NID graduates (or something like that).

    * I like the first render, the one without the top bar. Just removing that one bar makes it so much cleaner and simpler. Frankly, any symbol that takes more than zero pen-lifts has failed as a symbol, but any more than one is a definitely a no-go.

    * Foradian just jumped on the opportunity to show up on the map, rather than actually take the time to make a usable symbol. They used Bitstream Vera (derivative?) for their font, and added the symbol to it. And they replaced ‘~’ with it (wtf?). I think we need to step up on fixing this symbol to fit in with typefaces, and it has to be people like us doing it — I don’t think anybody else really cares.

    1. That is a very thoughtful comment Aditya. I concur with you regarding Foradian – they could’ve spent some more time on it for sure. But as is typical with the Indian public, anything half-baked will mostly do just fine. I’m surprised that the typeface render passed through NID – there has to be some ‘jhol’ there.

  2. as far as the = is concerned, i think the designer mentioned that he has used it to depict the indian tricolor….the two bars represent the orange and green strips of the flag and the space between them the white strip…bit far fetched, you may say, but in no way its anywhere ‘retarded’

  3. Quick comments
    – no one uses a pen anymore, so all the talk about strokes and pen lifts etc., are immaterial. its going to get affixed on every computer sold in India, and it will make its mark.
    – its a symbol, it could have been so many more things, but those are irrelevant. no matter what choice was made, there would have been a few suggestions to make improvements.
    – i like it. while it didnt strike me immly. i have grown to accept it and actually start liking it.
    – i understand there’s some talk of typeface (all geek talk, even tho, i myself am in the IT world 🙂 ). My point being, yes its relevant, but i think Foradian was trying to grab attention and they have, but releasing something that people can use immly. I am sure thanks to people like you, a better looking and structure will emerge.
    – on the double lines =, they were used so people dont confuse it for being a simple strike. Meaning S, with two down strokes was the symbol for $, so that it was not mistaken for a ‘S made in error’. The US like it does on many things, decided they need not adhere to the older European customs and when pens were actually used to make the stroke, decided they will get rid of one, to reduce the number of times you lift a pen. Its probably acceptable now.
    – Rome was not build in a day (as used in Julius’s Ad campaign). And nothing world shattering was created without a controversy (you may quote me for that 🙂 ). The point being, ya ya ya, money was made and money will be given, he submitted more than 1 or 2 or 3, and a lot more blah blah blah. In a few years, these will be irrelevant.
    – Lastly, for the people who still think this sucks and dont want to accept it, and refuse to use it. I swore i will never address Madras as Chennai. I gave up!! Its Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Bengaloru…… and this will be our rupee, with its own little ‘ru’, as a symbol. No more Rs. It will be the ‘ru’ !!!

    Cheers. And ya nothing personal 🙂

    1. Ck, you do make some relevant points – the only problem I have is with the “In a few years, these will be irrelevant.” That, right there, is the problem with us – I mean that it’s a human condition. Doesn’t make is excusable. Almost everyone thinks, “But people have a short memory, so they’ll forget about it soon enough.” It allows a lot of people to preach the “get on with it” syndrome. It’s like telling a child, “Fine, you were molested. But that was what, 20 years ago? Get over it.” Wrong is wrong – no matter who’s judging it and no matter how many years have passed. It’s good to ‘accept’ somethings but accepting that bad is alright is not one of those ‘somethings’. It’s an awesome symbol for the Indian Rupee and it definitely needs some fine-tuning.

    2. I also forgot to mention, CK, that I use a pen / pencil all the time when I make logos for my clients. M.F. Hussain’s art still sells for Crores – he probably doesn’t even know how to type on a computer 🙂 PROBABLY.

  4. Naina – i saw some of your art work, from your blog. I stand corrected. Most common-folk dont use a pen 🙂 I forgot about the gifted few like you. A thousand pranams. Or what do those guys say in ‘3 Idiots’…. 🙂

    And you are right again, about the ‘chaltha hai’ attitude we have. Our nation thrives on this, and our entire being is filled with this. We are conditioned from infants to adjust, accept, and also to submit to stuff.
    I was talking about the news reports and RTI that was going on…, with the intent to stop this symbol (atleast my understanding of it). I would like them to pursue the ministers and babus. But this symbol is done. That is what i was saying we must accept. Irregularities in selection, submission can affect other things, like who should get the money, should he get the money, how much, and who must pay a price of any goof-up etc. But the symbol is done with and we start using it.

    BTW: I really like what you were trying to with a customer, who has a similar name. I have been toying with my ‘name’ (initials), attempting different representations, particularly in devanagari script, to see if i can make it cool. You might want to consider using a different script. good luck.

  5. naina ..
    I liked your version a lot than original one .. looks more cool n unique.
    but while writing original one with pen .. it give feeling of overlining something.. likha aur uspe kaat mar diya .. aise kuchh.. cancelling your own letter.
    don’t u feel that ?

    1. Veerendra, I can understand where you’re coming from when you’re talking about ‘cutting’ your own writing – but I don’t think that’s a problem at all – I feel that without the ‘parallel bars’, it loses some of it’s character. Personal opinion in any case 🙂

  6. In my opinion, the designer of the original logo has put in no effort whatsoever but just aped the strikethrough styling that most of the currency symbols around the world follow. Exampla gratia: Dollar, Euro, Yen etc etc.
    I think there is nothing exciting or new about this symbol at all and this will in no way represent India truly. It is a pure imitation in style and it’ll be lame to pick it as a representative.

  7. Hi Naina

    Great work on the symbol. I agree that it is a half-baked design. It has its nice points but there are some jarring mistakes. For example, the cut of the pen/nib used to write devnagri script is actually slanted in the opposite direction. The designer has used the western cut on the nib to create the symbol.

    As so many have commented above, I am surprised that this passed through the desks of NID graduates.


  8. Well, I agree that the symbol is fine & finalised. But remember, there are atleast 2 other people who have given the same design but were never shortlisted. So much for our attitude.

  9. Selected symbol by Government is mix devnalgri and Roman script it is clear Violation of article 351 the constitution of india. 2nd violation-Guideline of indian rupee symbol compt. “The symbol has to be in the Indian National Language script or a visual representation.””

    The article 351 constitution of india.
    ” Directive for development of the Hindi language It shall be the duty of the Union to promote the spread of the Hindi language, to develop it so that it may serve as a medium of expression for all the elements of the composite culture of India and to secure its enrichment by assimilating without interfering with its genius, the forms, style and expressions used in Hindustani and in the other languages of India specified in the Eighth Schedule, and by drawing, wherever necessary or desirable, for its vocabulary, primarily on Sanskrit and secondarily on other languages PART XVIII EMERGENCY PROVISIONS”

    Total 22 Languages of India at prjent time.

    Why Cabinet approved and Why 7 jury member recmonded? Why silent languages exparts and Legal exparts???????????????????? Media?????? Oh I am sorry no TRP matter.

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