July ends today in another six hours approximately and I am looking forward to August. It’s green everywhere, with rain-laden clouds creating havoc in the National Capital Region, India. Traffic jams, water-logging and what not. Despite all the “take it your stride” issue with daily-living during the Monsoons, there’s a surreal beauty in the concrete landscape – with spots of green looking greener and outside light being lovely for photograph – if you find a good spot away from the rain. You don’t need reflectors.

Some of the shots from my Nexus One [ there are much better looking wallpapers on http://googlenexuswallpapers.com ].

The images have been made using the following Androids apps from the Android Market :
1. Camera 360 [ I have just bought the pro version – it has a ton of effects like HDR & tilt-shift ],
2. FxCamera, and
3. Retro Camera [ this one gives very small images though – about 512 x 512 pixels only.

No Photoshopping except rotating the images to get them right. All straight from the Nexus One camera with the help of the above-mentioned apps. If you haven’t seen my photography portfolio yet, do step by on http://studioaside.com!

UPDATE : couldn’t buy the Camera 360 app afterall : no line to buy is available.


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  1. Is the order of the photos and the apps same, like the first three from Camera 360 and so on?

    1. Nope James, sorry, not in any order. But, since you’ve asked, 01 is with the regular on-phone camera; 02 is FxCamera with the Polaroid filter; 03 is Camera 360 with the HDR Heavy filter; 04 is Camera 360 with the Tilt-Shift filter; 05 is Camera 360 with HDR Heavy filter; 06 is Camera 360 with Lomo cinema filter; 07 is also Camera 360 with Lomo cinema filter; 08 is from an app I’ve deleted – sorry don’t remember – it uses a Sepia filter; 09 and 10 are both using the Retro Camera app.

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