July ends today in another six hours approximately and I am looking forward to August. It’s green everywhere, with rain-laden clouds creating havoc in the National Capital Region, India. Traffic jams, water-logging and what not. Despite all the “take it your stride” issue with daily-living during the Monsoons, there’s a surreal beauty in the concrete landscape – with spots of green looking greener and outside light being lovely for photograph – if you find a good spot away from the rain. You don’t need reflectors.

Some of the shots from my Nexus One [ there are much better looking wallpapers on http://googlenexuswallpapers.com ].

The images have been made using the following Androids apps from the Android Market :
1. Camera 360 [ I have just bought the pro version – it has a ton of effects like HDR & tilt-shift ],
2. FxCamera, and
3. Retro Camera [ this one gives very small images though – about 512 x 512 pixels only.

No Photoshopping except rotating the images to get them right. All straight from the Nexus One camera with the help of the above-mentioned apps. If you haven’t seen my photography portfolio yet, do step by on http://studioaside.com!

UPDATE : couldn’t buy the Camera 360 app afterall : no line to buy is available.