Shot on a wood table mostly. With light coming in from a window on the right, the laptop on the back and a couple of paper / book reflectors. Mostly shot on long exposure. Of course wouldn’t be possible without a tripod. I’ve shot the Nexus One with the Case Mate cover, the Divoom speakers and a couple of print books that I’m giving to a client – after I shot their event.

One of the things to be careful about when shooting shiny / plain surface products is that they tend to catch a lot of dust & lint – the maximum time spent in the above photographs was cleaning them up in Photoshop because even after using CyberClean, there were lots of linty things on the black surface of the speaker, the soft blue part of the Case-Mate cover and the screen of the phone as well.

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    1. Yeah it’s good. After breaking the phone once, I’m not inclined to take another chance 🙂

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