The Samsung Bloggers’ Meet was held at the Hard Rock Cafe, Saket, New Delhi. The event was managed by @mediaredefined , Digitas and Communique and the agenda was to introduce two Samsung phones to the audience : the Samsung Galaxy S and the Samsung Wave.

This is before the start of the event – the venue was made available by Hard Rock Cafe, just 15 minutes before the event was supposed to begin. The ‘standees’ were being made ready and the projector was being setup. The entire projector setup seemed quite hi-tech especially because the phone screens were constantly being plugged into video / screen on projector mode.

I might have gotten a little carried away with the standees – they were made well – because they photographed real well.

Some of the early arrivals.

People connecting to the internet once the wi-fi details were passed on.

The demo phones in the hands of @praval from @mediaredefined

The demo phones being fired up for the start of the event.

@realin @pacificleo and @vivekk poring over the demo instruments.

Sarfaraz from Samsung, starting with an introduction to bada – the mobile phone OS that Samsung has created.

The two Samsung techies who came down from Bangalore to answer more detailed questions regarding the OS and the platforms in question.

from the adjacent table of bloggers.

Two flyers for the Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Wave phones.

@gautamghosh doing a thorough check of the Samsung Wave mobile phone.

Sarfaraz from Samsung demonstrating how one of the contact apps works on the Galaxy S.

The question and answer session was melded within the presentation – which is probably a good thing. Technical questions being answered by the Samsung team.

Food, water, brochures, standees and bloggers.

The snacks were good – I tried only the non-veg ones.

Sarfaraz from Samsung demonstrating a feature where you can sync up details from three social networking platforms : Facebook, MySpace and Twitter : for any of your contacts and see those details without having to separately log into your own Facebook / MySpace / Twitter accounts.

Excitement levels were high for the Nascar game that was played amongst three contestants. Ankur, from Samsung is at extreme right.

The winners getting hold of their Samsung Wave and Samsung Galaxy S phones from Samsung’s Ankur. @praval is in the background.

The Samsung Galaxy S : the more expensive of the two phones. Very light weight.

The Samsung Wave.

Sarfaraz giving the lowdown about swype, a new way of inputing text into your phone – this was something I was hearing of for the first time.

The Samsung Galaxy S.

The bag with contents that each blogger received : at right and below.

This Samsung Bloggers’ Meet was my first corporate-sponsored bloggers’ meet and frankly, I wasn’t expecting anything as good as this even was. The Samsung people were friendly, fielded all questions with honest answers and there was a lot of banter. Of course, everyone aspires for a more attentive audience and that isn’t always what you get. The Hard Rock Cafe people were polite and courteous and the @mediaredefined people did a good job handling the event – including managing once of the contests despite there being no phone network inside the premises and despite all the suggestions being thrown their way.

I for one, did not realize how four hours flew past – apart from the fact that I was busy with the camera, I did learn a thing or two about the mobile phone market and what companies like Samsung are planning. My only comparison point – as far as personal experience with mobile phones goes – is the Nexus One. And I’m still not sure how the two Samsung phones measure up. In any case, the Android platform is poised to take over the world – quite literally and I’m glad there are more platforms like Samsung’s bada that will keep Google on it’s toes.

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  1. Hey Naina – I am also a nexus one user – if you compare it with Samsung Galaxy S – then I would say samsung galaxy s rocks and actually better than nexus one – but still nexus one is good now after the froyo 2.2 update

    I tried samsung galaxy s at the evnt – found the phone to be very light, very amazing and responsive interface as i see – i will be getting one for review soon – so will put a comparative review in between nexus one and samsung galaxy s

    1. Hey thanks Robbie! So kind of you to stop by – and was a pleasure meeting with you as well!

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