I’m working on a logo for @tuhinkumar for his personal / portfolio website http://www.tuhinkumar.com/ This is the first round of sketches that I have emailed to him :

Apart from the creative brief, another piece of input that I want to use is the meaning of his name. Tuhin means “Mist, dew; hoar-frost, ice, snow; cold; moonlight, moonshine”. Unfortunately, I still haven’t been able to think of how. Will update the blog with additional posts as this logo design engagement progresses.

Updated with the second set of sketches that I sent to him. His feedback for the first set said that he liked #5 but wasn’t sure he wanted to go in that direction – the rest were either too corporate / did not represent he human sophistication & creativity that he wants to show.

I’m now going to put down some time thinking what I could do with the ‘snow’ idea.