Four of my photographs are being used on the Network18 venture website without my permission. The images are not hosted on the servers, they are being leeched from my hosting servers. Network18 has very blatantly also provided a link back to where they have copied the images from and insouciantly mentioned “Images maybe subject to copyright.” Yes, it is stupid. Now, the CEO Haresh Chawla might not be aware of this – and he might be aware of this – in case of the latter… it’s a ridiculous business strategy. Below are the screenshots in all their glory – for posterity’s sake – and following are direct links till they get taken down : Image 01 | Image 02 | Image 03 | Image 04 – UPDATE : the images have magically disappeared! you can still see them here using Google’s cache Image 01 | Image 02 | Image 03 | Image 04. Thanks to @poeticgooner for the Google Cache hat tip.

They also sent me an email from the website saying ” Thank you for your feedback. Can you please send us the link. Do let is know if the problem persists”.

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This incident was also covered on

Apparently, uses a API, which allows them to use keywords and then display search results on their website. While and have my permission to include my images in their search results, does not. Instead of first using and then removing after being caught, should first take permission. is a “content aggregator”, which means everything on that website does not belong to them [ that’s my interpretation anyway – please correct me if I’m wrong ].

I’m not sure what Network18’s missed – even though my website / blog clearly states “All rights reserved and copyright – they have gone ahead nonetheless. Shame on you Network18 and whoever made this bad decision for you. I’m sure they steal other content too – the written kind. You got a story, you share it in the comments.

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