Going to Landmark, Gurgaon, is like entering a wonderland. Always enough books, magazines and stationery to catch my fancy and be useful at the same time. Some of the posters on their racks are good too.

This particular visit was planned and has been pending for over three months. Since after moving to Noida, our only hope has been Om Book Shop in The Great India Place Mall and that just does not cut the mustard. It is a stop-gap measure at best.

Add to Landmark’s already shining achievement that they were the first Indian bookstore to stock Steven Erikson’s Malazan Book of The Fallen, and I’m a lifelong fan and loyal customer. This time around, I was also pleasantly surprised to find racks of Rubberband products in the store and had to pick up some.

You can find Rubberband on the web, @rubberband_kit on Twitter and on Facebook.

Purchased a couple of copies of the October Issue of the @wallpapermag – unfortunately, one issue wasn’t cut properly and I had to manually separate a bunch of pages from the spine. I did not expect that an international magazine of Wallpaper’s caliber would allow such issues to pass, hence did not check the magazine before purchasing. And here I was thinking I’ll have one edition I could add to the collection. The store had only two copies and the other one is for a friend.

A copy of the @creativereview Magazine. An impulse purchase.

I’ve picked up Rubberband products earlier but the binding was quite bad – it was just glue stuck to the spine and the pages clove off as soon as I turned a new leaf. I made sure I checked the binding this time and didn’t just fall for the colors and found that this time, the binding was thread and ran through a full sheaf. No more loose sheets of paper and this is a good substitute to the not-available-in-India and expensive Moleskine [ disclaimer : I love the Moleskine notebooks and have a stash of those as well ].

Also bought a copy of Tom Peters’ 163 Ways to Pursue Excellence. I have a bunch of other Tom Peter books and I love them for the energy they generate. Another book purchased was the Harvard Business Review book on Brand Management.

I’m quite looking forward to the first issue of India’s design magazine : @CreativeGaga I believe India doesn’t have a magazine dedicated to graphic design and creative Gaga’s launch will be something I’m quite excited about.


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