The Diesel Democratic Party Launch was held on the night of 9th September at the Diesel Store in the Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. The band, Faridkot played four lovely songs and they have a new fan! The event was themed around the “Diesel Democratic Party” and “Be Stupid” – photographs of people, the store and activities follow – alongwith a couple of videos. With approximately 80 photographs, this is a long blog post – let the images load and scroll away!

The red-carpet welcome to the Diesel store. The event was supposed to start at 1930hrs but as is the case with such things, delays are inevitable. Got in at about 2015hrs.

The lighting / chandeliers in the Diesel store were quite lovely, as was the propaganda design. The food stalls outside the store were supposed to mimic the snack stalls at a political rally – but I didn’t *get that till @priyal told me.

Trying the different depths of field – everything was so *pretty in the store!

Faridkot’s drummer – please let me know if you know his name. Thanks to @shivaas for the tip, the drummer’s name is Sahil Mendiratta.

Please help with the names – if you know who the people in the photographs are, please leave a comment!

Gavin Pacheco, bass guitarist, from the band Faridkot. [ Gavin sent me an email clarifying he’s the bass guitarist, not just the *gutarist – oooops Gavin! Thank you! ] From their website : “Currently a part of Delhi Funk Rock and Blues band Hypnosis, he has performed in various colleges and festivals all over the country.”

Miloni Parikh, from the Diesel entourage. One of the busiest people throughout the evening! Thanks Miloni, I was well taken care of.

For the above four, clockwise from top left : the bar; surprise flowers; Anupam Roy of Grey & Saurian; Miloni with the evening’s DJ.

Faridkot, the band, getting ready to knock our socks off.

The audience, getting ready, to have their socks knocked off!

Pretty flowers & beautiful people!

Rin, from Mansworld, just before I introduced myself lest he think I was sneaking a picture of him 🙂


Inderpreet Singh, the lead vocalist of the band Faridkot.

More people still coming in and being attended-to at the welcome-desk.

Inderpreet and Gavin, rocking the beat!

Rajarshi Sanyal, guitarist for the band : Faridkot.

The drummer from the band Faridkot.

Akshat Nauriyal with the video camera.

@praval [ with the phone held high and @honeytech to his left.

“Religious Heads”. This is when the crowd started wondering what was up! It got the conversation going.

After Faridkot had done their bit, the Diesel Democratic Party recruitment-speech came on alongwith a projector-aided presentation. Lots of noise at the party now!

The Diesel Democratic Party propaganda being handed out, urging us all to BE STUPID.

Some activity at last! Teams are being made and the crowd really starts to *party! I had no team identification and the girls on the “Most Wanted” team were nice enough to take me under their wing 😉

Akshay Raheja from Faridkot.

The DJ. [ Name anyone?! 🙂 ]

People are really focusing on the agenda! Coming up with flag-designs and slogans even after being made happy at the bar!

Lots of movement happening now!

Participants showing off their ingenuity – a couple of the suggestions were in fact, quite good!

Don’t forget to check out the two videos in the end – a short video of the Faridkot performance – I was too far to get good sound; and the Diesel Democratic Party Dance demo!

Sorry @praval – the actual writing on the flag got washed out in all the spotlighting 😉

The fake currency, the DDP pamphlet and the ribbon badge of the Diesel Democratic Party. The fake currency has the date 22nd October 2010 mentioned on it and I have no clue whatsoever what’s in store!

So there you have it, a decent enough preview party / launch at a small scale – looking forward to the large-scale launch and hoping to catch some more action with Diesel! You can find Diesel India on Facebook and they are @diesel_in on Twitter.


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    1. Praval, if it hadn’t been for you and Honey giving me company, the event wouldn’t have been half as good 😉

  1. Awesome pics as usual Naina! Love your photography 🙂

    Btw, the drummer’s name is Sahil Mendiratta. He looked very familiar to me and that’s cos he’s from the same school as mine, 1 batch junior! Plays kick ass drums for sure…

  2. Hi actually this is the first time i have gone through your gallery, really it’s great. Lots of creative ideas and fresh style of photography, carry on your good job. All the best!!!

    1. Hey Meenakshi! Thanks for the appreciation – and yes I am! Although photography is not allowed this time around so won’t be able to share 🙁

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