one : TV box with the band name in it = events? Hmmm. Maybe / maybe not. But it’s just sketch one, so I’ll hold judgement.

two : Oooh – how about a radio tower – with the brand name radiating radio waves? #logo #events

three : Ah! Or a ticket-stub in the TV frame and then the brand name written in it! #logo #design #events

four : Space-station! #logo #design #events


More sketching :

Third sketch for the day :

Conceptually and simplicity-wise, I quite like the last one – this would probably be one of my recommendations – also manages to capture the idea of *connections *growth *flourishing, literal *ticket without being complex. This in the *potential category.

And after another attempt at trying something in Illustrator, being perfectly disgusted with myself & subsequently deleting the file [ yes, it was *that bad ], I had another brain-wave!

Fourth :

It is not a perfect sketch but I like the concept! I can seriously consider wrapping-up for the day. Tomorrow, maybe some more.
So that’s two pages in my Moleskine and about nine sketches. Here’s the full page two :

Feedback Round One

Received feedback from the client. I should have given more details on the brief / thought behind each sketch. The emphasis needs to be on social networking / ticketing / online marketing and one of the sketches, with some modifications, hold potential – in my opinion. Worked in Illustrator to create the following and emailed to the client. Literally, it’s supposed to be people holding / presenting a ticket stub – the center of this activity is the brand that helps ticketing – since the people are all holding the ticket, they are also socially networked.

The client also mentioned that they liked the “third sketch of the day” above, in terms of a visual style, but they were not sure what I was getting at conceptually – have emailed a short description for the same as well. “…the idea was again a ticket stub, from which the letters “e” and “s” are emerging / growing – was to represent that EventStation connects the ticketing world – metaphorically.”

I appreciate it when clients give candid feedback and know how to give feedback – helps the logo design process immensely and ensures a higher probability of a good logo deliverable. Awaiting further feedback.

At the close of the project, due to miscommunication and a misunderstood process-flow, the client and I mutually agreed to leave off where it was. They don’t use the logo I had designed.