The Social Media Baithak is an informal gathering intended to create a space for Non-profit organizations to come and talk about Social Media with industry experts. It is a non-profit initiative, participation is free. This session was organized and made possible by Dhyaan Design and Samyukta Media. The 1st Social Media Baithak happened in Delhi on 11th September 2010, 4.30 pm to 7 pm, Cafe Coffe Day, Janpath, New Delhi and following are some photographs. Please look at the end of the post for further links to find out more about the Social Media Baithak as well as the complete album.

Swagat Sen and @sanjukta passing around chocolates that Chandni aka @fundacause had brought along for everyone!

Geetika Gupta first on the left.

@praval getting busy to dole out guru-gyaan on social media. He helped Shayontani open her first ever Twitter account!

@vimoh in the back left and Ichwant Bana up front.

Kuber Sharma left and Harish Shankaran from Slideshare on the right.

One table of participants exchanging information and views.

@vimoh listening intently before jumping in with valuable contributions.

Chandni Parekh aka @fundacause who got chocolates for all of us from Bombay!

Chaitali Bhatia from CREA.

Abhishek Baxi aka @baxiabhishek sitting downstairs with Rahul Nainwal aka @nainwal on his left and Ichwant Bana on Abhishek’s right.

Jacob De Graaf aka @hyggedesigns with @dhirendrapratap to his left. Abhay Adhikari aka @gopaldass with his back to us.

@sanjukta introducing the participants.

Sayontoni on the left, with Vaidehi from Women’s Synergy to her left and Harish Shankaran from Slideshare on extreme right.

The entire group came together toward the end to talk about their experience.

@praval explaining Twitter to some of the participants.

Mamta Mamta discussing social media options with Swagat Sen and other participants on her table. I’ve known Mamta for almost 8-9 years. We got acquainted on Ryze initially and this was the first time I was meeting her face-to-face! It forced me to think about how social media a huge enabler when used well.

Abhay Adhikari aka @gopaldass sharing with the Geetika, Dhirendra and Jacob.

Everyone together just before the wrap up, re-introducing themselves and giving their feedback on the very first Social Media Baithak.

Probably one of the best Social Media events I have attended [ I haven’t attended many ] – because of it’s usefulness to people who wanted to know more. Effective and efficient. The location, as we all agreed, wasn’t all that good – it got cramped vertically and the air conditioners were not working. The exchange of information was excellent and everyone was enthusiastic about participating, asking questions and airing their doubts.

Many thanks to @sanjukta and @gopaldass for having me there!

You can find the Social Media Baithak on Facebook and the entire album of photographs here.


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