The view from outside at eye level – that itself was the big draw for me. A couple of friends drove me around in a circle and I was sold – I hadn’t seen the website and didn’t even know what this place was!

Kingdom of Dreams can be found on Facebook and Twitter – frankly, if you don’t go to the place in Gurgaon, going online to check it out doesn’t really do any justice to the people who have created and crafted it.

Hopefully, the following images will give you some idea of what the place has to offer. I was able to visit only the Culture Gully and have the Nautanki Mahal and the Zangoora show on my ToDo list for next time, which should be happening soon. Obviously, the best time to visit Kingdom of Dreams is after dark / just when it is about to get dark. After dark tickets currently cost INR 750 per head, out of which INR 600 are towards cover charges – you get a recharge card, which you can swipe for food or other items that you can purchase indoors.

That is once you’re in the gate – there is Valet parking available as well as an owner-driven parking lot.

This and more you will see once you’ve bought your ticket!

I could go on into details about the place but I’ll let the visuals do most of that.

Lucknow Qawwals!

The entire place is a visual delight. And since all of us have cameras now, everyone’s busy making memories.

I was only able to get into the women’s washrooms – that too only two – but I heard the men’s one had something to do with parrots!

The art gallery is the only place that does not allow photography of the artwork – there were some brilliant pieces.

The art gallery also houses a small cafe – if you’re into coconut-flavored stuff, DO NOT miss the stuff labeled Coconut Medeling. We had credit left on our cards & since that is non-refundable / transferable to another person / date, we got some Coconut Medelings packed! No polybags are available though.

The IIFA lounge is out of bounds for the camera lens – but since there’s nothing in it, I didn’t rue the missed opportunity. I’m guessing some stars / starlets must visit there infrequently & don’t want to be hassled by the cameras. *Maybe.

The second ladies washroom!

At the end of the Culture Gully, there is a sand pit for kids as well, which I thought was pretty cool – but having the camera in hand meant I was not eager to replicate a Goa experience with sand in the lens.

Kingdom of Dreams is open from 1300hrs till 0100hrs and you will not realize how soon you hit that limit. And you’ll only experience that when you visit there.

There are lots of other things going on while you’re there – akin to street performances. Something I’ve never seen in India earlier. Considering it’s in Gurgaon [ …Haryana! ], I’m absolutely gaga over the place!

That is the outer view of the Nautanki Mahal.

Kingdom of Dreams walls on the inside.

Interiors of the restaurant in the Punjab section. The food was absolutely lovely. We sampled some mutton and kheema naan.

There were multitudes of insects in the air outside and that made for some interesting shots.

Since the place is busy, the Punjab restaurant being the busiest, you might have to cool your heels for a bit. We visited on a Tuesday. Kingdom of Dreams is closed on Mondays.

The Showshaa section that hasn’t launched yet.

Wall lamps in the Assam restaurant reception.

Kingdom of Dreams is totally one of those things you would not expect in India. Visit it while it’s still maintained well!



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  1. By seeing the photographs taken by you (most of the photos taken by you in dark, previous one also in dark, as i’m not a photographer though have a little bit knowledge, os don’t take it personally) inspires me to visit the place. Have you tasted out the Rajasthani dishes there??

  2. i m unable to believe wether this place actualy exist ….its wonderful…..i would love to visit this place…bt please tell…………me is these pitcurs all true or the best use of technology……….

    1. Dear Preeti, you can visit the website to see how the place looks – the images above are of the actual place!

  3. These are some of the most colorful pictures I’ve seen in a long long time! They are a testament to the artistic design of this ‘must-visit’ place as well as your ability to find photo-opportunities and brilliant camera angles!

  4. @Naina I think you missed the most important moment of the KOD cultural gallery. Time when all the special characters (Monkey man, Yak, Chinese Controller, folk dancers and many others) come out in queue along with noisy drum beats and individual activities.

    *Monkey man is a man with monkey make up. His activities resembles with monkey and many times he surprises the visitors by sudden appearance. He allows photo session on request.

  5. Its realy amazing to see these pics, these r realy lots of colorful n i hav never seen this type of pics. After seeing these i realy wanna to go KOD n this wil be as soon as possible. Thanks naina 4 such a nice photography.

  6. Nice review and nice pics… wonder if its the photography thats brilliant.. or the place… i think its both :))

  7. this is absolutely fantastic.i’m dying to visit the KOD as soon as’s like a dream in technicolor.

  8. kamal karte ho madam, kya photo kheenchi hain…or jo ye baawle keh re hain na, photo in dark or photo not at good angle unke liye
    “u shitheads gimme the camera and i will give you the finger, let us see how that clicks…watsay??

  9. beautiful pics naina, and great composition. vibrant hues have given the perfect feel to all your subjects. scrolled the page twice 🙂
    simply love your work

  10. First of all..grtt pics Naina…its a treat to eyes to a place which m now longing to visit…Is Photography allowed inside the culture gully..?

  11. Hi Naina,
    I am Vanita Omung Kumar , the production designer and interior designer of this place , The Kingdom of Dreams, Omung Kumar the designer and art director of this place is my husband , and our Company Blue lotus productions has constructed this Wonder and i must say , that we just absolutely think that you have added a 5th element to the place with your photography , it is still our dream project to date, and none of the pictures previously taken or published did justice to the place , thank you for giving The kingdom of Dreams, its Due!!!
    God Bless!!
    Vanita Omung Kumar

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