Or business cards. After much heartburn and crumpled sheets of paper – I’ve emailed the following design to @themandatepress for a letterpress print job – basic black on white, gold edges and 600gsm stock from Crane’s Lettra range. It has blown my budget but these have been a long time coming.

It will take about 2-3 weeks for the cards to be printed and delivered and once here, I will take photographs and upload them here – the difference in the flat jpeg above the 3-dimensional letter-pressed cards will be worth documenting.

Some thoughts about the design and contents : I have deliberately left out the phone number. The email contains the link to my one point of contact website naina.co, which gives further links and details to what I do, where I am, how I can be reached etc. Hence, all other details on the business card are redundant. I was contemplating putting the email where my name is currently – because the email does give an idea of the name as well – but I thought that might be too much of an arrogant gesture.

I intend to use these cards when making personal introductions at more sociable settings than just a networking event. Places where I am able to have a real conversation with another person in the room rather than just an elevator pitch. For the elevator pitch events and expected business card handout events, I will be using the business cards of my photography studio that I had ordered from @overheardatmoo

Business cards are a good tool for short term visual impact that affects long-term business strategy and I prefer changing the designs I use but prefer to keep some coherence throughout all designs. Since I haven’t had a business-card *strategy prior to this, I don’t have anything to report.

The business cards I have used in the past :

I can see the red and blue branding element re-appearing at some point in the future – probably the next batch of cards that I order from Moo.com.

UPDATE : October 26th

I’ve been exchanging emails with Sarah from @themandatepress and after some back and forth and her very kind guidance and patience while explaining the letterpress process to me, following is what I have re-submitted as the design for my personal calling card.

UPDATE : November 10th

I received an email from The Mandate Press on the 6th of November informing me that the cards have been shipped.

After I tweeted about how anxiously / excitedly I am waiting for my cards to get here, @themandatepress shared a sneak peek of my cards! The original Twitter update is here and following is the image they shared.

It looks fantastic and now I’m even more anxious to receive them!

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