CreativeGaga is one of India’s only magazine dedicated to graphic design and graphic arts as well as other visual media like sculpture and photography. The best part is that the magazine is very well-designed and raises the bar very high for design magazine standards when it comes to magazines designed and produced in India for the Indian audience. I am lucky to have been featured in the magazine in the branding section. I was fortunate to work with Saurabh Kejriwal ( @simple_sy ) on the story and we picked up one of the logo design case studies from my blog and created an article out of that. Here are photographs of the article. [ click on images for larger sizes ]

Since CreativeGaga is one of India’s only niche magazine in the design space, if you have a product or service specifically targeted to this design audience, you could place your ads with them as well! If you’d like to subscribe, visit this link.

To find out more about CreativeGaga, you can visit their website and their Facebook page where they have contests and giveaways and announcements, as well as their @creativegaga Twitter account.

Thanks Nitin for letting me share my design experience and case study with your audience and I hope I can now get you to feature some of my photography as well!