This is in continuation to the previous post where I uploaded photographs from the section where The Prodigy headlined the show. The main sponsors for the event was Eristoff and the bands / performances were by : Pendulum (DJ set), Pentagram, HeavyG, Midival Punditz with Shaair, Jalebee Cartel and The Prodigy. Again, many thanks to NH7 and Invasion Fest for getting me in the photographers’ pit.

Liam Howlett at the hotel the night before the gig.

Fans, the stage, Eristoff and Pendulum.

That’s my baby @shadeheart in the crowd. <3

Jalebee Cartel

Some faces from the crowd that had turned up at the Invasion Festival. Considering that the grounds were in Gurgaon, the information that more people had turned up here than in Bangalore, was a SHOCKER. The image below of the girl with the red hair streaks is one of my favorites from the crowd. I LOVE it 😉

Midival Punditz

Monica Dogra, better known as Shaair from Shaair and Func, joins the Midival Punditz on stage and lights it on fire.

The crowd cheering when Pentagram showed up on stage! Reminding everyone of the “good ol’ days”.

There was lots of alcohol to be had and after all the fun had been had, lots of people were lying about drunk and senseless. Typical.

Apologies for the very delayed blog post but you know how it goes – busy with this and that a whole load more to shoot, edit and produce. I love all forms of photography – concerts give me a break when I’ve shot too many weddings and during the off-season I’m complaining there aren’t enough weddings to shoot. And then the fashion police show up and I’ve got models to please. It never ends and I love it.


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  1. looking at the images … you obviously have a taste and skill in photography which i dont know anything about…but hey i can see 🙂 Good job… did you kind of leave midway through the concert!! wheres “the end” of it all though….okay now i see the Flickr thingy below …. this is one of the best concerts in India i have been to not just because it was Prodigy but because i think it was better (still not the best) managed…(But Metallica would be so much fun if they are in the second edition of Invasion Fest) we need more such fest…Europe is a heaven for this kind of stuff ….. another thing missing here is capturing the lights on the stage…..i captured it but sad … i have a “ekdum faaltu” camera …. not the snazzy DSLRs you guys have to and can afford 🙂

    Finally Good job again!!!

  2. I am from Bangalore. Invasion Festival was all about Pentagram and The Prodigy.
    It was awesome but you know, crowd was too less. If we want such concerts in future then we have to regroup our self. We need lots of fans.Who will come and make the LIVE music rock. I don’t know why people doesn’t want to experience LIVE music. They listen music at home, download music from the internet,they like also but they do not want to spend money on the concerts. We have to change that kind of mentality. Anyways in Bangalore, Maxim ruled that night. What an energetic guy.
    God bless him!

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