Welcome to Le Cafe and Soak in Greater Kailash N Block Market. Chef Tapan Mukherjee and I spent some time photographing and sampling food, wine and conversation. A Tuesday afternoon well-spent exploring another area of photography that I enjoy. While a food stylist and props are indispensable for a food photo shoot, we did not have access to those this time around. If you are a food stylist & would like to collaborate with me on a project, holler!

One side of the restaurant / cafe has wooden seating, while the rest is sofas and chairs – there’s a seating section outside as well. The interiors are minimal and elegant, befitting the type of clientele that Le Cafe has. The Tiramisu was delectable AND easy to photograph. You can also see Chef Tapan Mukherjee posing with a fresh batch of pasta!

Each table has a glass beaker-bottle with Balsamic Vinegar and olive oil. Made an interesting subject to photograph.

The specials of the day scribbled on blackboard; a squiggly line of mustard-sauce on a plate; a breakfast sandwich with fresh salad and a short trip down to the Soak, the bar, at the lower level.

Olives in a Martini glass at the bar.

Cold cuts of various types of meats and chunks of cheese. The other chef, Varun, thought he’d play a prank on me by getting me to eat Blue Cheese – unfortunately for him, I’d already encountered the vile thing earlier and am somewhat immune to the stink 😀

A slightly wide angle view of Soak, the bar.

The Curry Würste was phenomenal!

We closed with sea food : fish and prawns; with sizzling spinach and pasta with fresh Thyme. I have no recollection of the correct names of the food preparations! Maybe when I post this to Facebook, Tapan will be able to add those! Cheers to the benefits of food photography – of course, with proper styling, most of it becomes inedible 😉


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  1. excellent photographs naina.
    have you used fish eye in some of these or is it just a wide lens?

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