Evolution of the latest complete logo design project for the Utplava brand for Shefaly Yogendra. I’d worked earlier with Shefaly for developing a logo for another brand, Metacognita.

Shefaly has been one of the best clients I have worked with in my career as a logo designer. The design-world would be a better place if we have more like her.

Project Timeline :

75 days : started discussions & initial emails on 15th of July and final files delivered this last week of September.

Brief about the brand name & the creative direction :

Utplava is a Sanskrit word that roughly translated to English means : a boat, a leap, a channel for water. The boutique advisory and consulting business has been around for over ten years and has been attached to Shefaly’s personal name. It will now be separate from Shefaly’s personal name, hence the requirement of a new brand name. The brand name itself is unique and has rich meaning, which made the logo design & development process a little easier to handle.

From sketches to final logo :

It started with hand-doodles I scribbled – see all here.

I picked out three typefaces from MyFonts : Recherche, Origins and Sheila.

Till this point, the logo was almost finalized – one of the last three from above. But then, I had a dream. The dream was so vivid that I thought I’d shown those iterations to Shefaly. Then I started drafting this blog post and realized those iterations were not in the folder at all. I quickly mocked up a couple of versions – the two images below – and emailed them to Shefaly.

In the end, the logo we finally went with is this :