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Gorgeous couples make wedding photography a *very pleasurable job indeed. And when the couple is also madly in love, who can ask for more?! Neha and Muzi have known eachother from their NIFT days. I hear that Muzi asked Neha out only when college – four long years – was done and over with! That they would end up getting married to each other was the natural progression of things. They live in Bombay and came to Delhi to be with family and tie the knot. The guests and wedding party were accommodated at the Fortune Park Hotel, New Delhi, which is a lovely business / corporate hotel that also hosts exclusive weddings.

Don’t forget to click on the images for a larger view / slideshow. More images are included in the video slideshow at the end.

The turmeric / haldi hand prints being perfected after being pasted on pink chart paper by the bride and the groom.

Neha is all smiles and excitedly waiting for the turmeric / haldi and yogurt / dahi ceremony to begin. The hotel has a lovely little courtyard in between the rows of rooms, which was the venue for the initial ceremonies.

Only close family was involved in the initial ceremonies. Here you can see the bride´s brother and sister-in-law putting “dahi” on the bride´s head.

After the haldi & dahi ceremony, Neha getting prepped up for the evening of the Sangeet. Showing off her lovely red-suede heels and a fantastic asymmetrical gold and red brocade evening dress!

The dance floor was packed and the bar helped it along some. Contributions from Muzi´s friends and other family members made it quite an evening to remember.

The obvious relief was easy to capture. The Hindu-Muslim divide seems to affect everyone, no matter which city / what part of society one belongs to. I for one was thrilled to see their story come to fruition.

Day Two. Neha getting her arms and legs decorated with mehendi / henna. Day two was dedicated to the mehendi and dinner only.

It was sweltering outside but for the shade of a dense and large Banyan tree and mist fans installed by the hotel staff.

As the evening progressed, once Neha´s mehendi was done, friends and other family members made a beeline for their turn & Neha took some time out to dry her mehendi.

The couple took some time out away from the mehendi crowd and the evening was coming to a close.

Day Three. Neha and her friends and cousins showing off their mehendi from the night before.

The evening´s make-up session and some more relaxation and relief is in the air – the couple had just returned from the courts after getting their marriage registered!

An excited Neha on the phone, finally, legally married! Under the Special Marriage Act. Her wedding lehenga hung out, ready to be worn and the marriage certificate granted by the court.

Details from Neha´s gorgeous mehendi, her bangles and her lehenga.

The wedding lehenga – I HAD to repeat the black and white full photograph – one of the most gorgeous lehengas I have laid my eyes on. Couldn’t get enough of making pictures!

There was some fantastic, gorgeous, traditional jewelry laid out for the bride.

The bride checking out the newly sprouted pimple before the make-up for the evening commences..

The grooms´s belt and shoes laid out in his room as he prepares for the evening reception.

The lawns and garden of the Fortune Park Hotel. Gorgeous ladies at weddings make me happy!

Muzi getting help with his tie.

The bride, mid-way through her make-up.

The groom is ready and waiting! And the bride is still just mid-way through. Typical!

Neha´s make-up for both evenings was done by Savleen who is a freelancer.

As Neha puts on her jewelry and is almost ready to go, her friends entertain the groom while he waits patiently.

Finally, the couple is out and have a couple of minutes to give me pictures. It is never enough though! Such gorgeousness!.

The couple showing off their rings, which they have just exchanged in front of a small gathering of close friends and family.

Pallav, the groom´s close friend, waits to pop the champagne while the couple gets ready to cut the cake!.

The couple find some more alone time and I find them to give me some more photographs.

Flower garland to welcome the groom at the airport. Gorgeous cousin of the groom. Paintings at the Taj vivanta on the eve of the Sangeet.

It was a great three days spent with the couple and their friends and family. The venue was great in more ways than one – the food for one thing was spectacular. The breakfast spread especially. Neha and Muzi were great and happy to pose whenever I asked them to and there were enough moments all the days to create a fantastic set of candid images. Maybe, just maybe, this time I will get to use a LeatherCraftsmen album for this wedding. Waiting on what Neha has to say. Meanwhile, delivering the rest of the images to the excitedly expectant couple.


Updates from Naina.co on Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest

( Email us on weddings@naina.co for hiring & commissioning enquiries for a wedding in your family! )



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