I completely forgot to show off my business cards! This is taking-off from the personal calling cards post I had done earlier.

The letterpress company is @themandatepress with their website at http://www.themandatepress.com/.

I think I chose their cheapest option – believe me – letterpress goodies are expensive – with a gold edge, which, in retrospect, to my cheap-Indian brain – could have been better spent – it shows nicely in the images below – after I’ve told you – but when I hand out a card to someone, it’s not evident at all. Also, the embossing / the letterpress wasn’t as “impressive” / deeply embossed as I had imagined – which is probably my bad – I had all these ideas built up in my head about how the cards would look. I was thinking that the main “n” on the card would really stand out – be depressed deep into the card.

This was my first brush with letterpress and while I was a little disappointed with the result, and I will not be giving it another spin anytime soon, I definitely want to do it again.

I also got a call from someone today who wanted me to design their logo. They got in touch with me after one of their colleagues showed them this business card of mine. So I guess, it probably did have some effect after all. Disclaimer : I am not very big on the giving out of business cards and only ever hand them out when someone specifically asks me for one. After all, once you’ve met me, you don’t forget me, hence making the card redundant. I am also very easy to get in touch with, as my mobile number and email id are on the web for all to see / use.