1. Naina,

    Thank you for the candid post. This post for me was a tutorial in itself, which brought to life the creative strings of thought that were in your mind while working. I can imagine, the overall learning experience that you would have experienced.

    Funny, some years back for a telecom company (where I was employed as their Head- Marketing) I had worked on a Wi-Fi product and branded it as Red. I can see remarkable similarities in that thought process and this one.

    I liked the Lion and the Heart artworks. I always find these layered and deep interpretive logo units fascinating. Funny, that very few clients understand or want to take those.

    I like your work.
    Do well. All the best.


  2. The last concept(second last image) with solid block red colour was awesome! It said all the things in the fewest possible lines and with simplicity. The design they chose in the end was not just as good. Too cluttered.

    Anyways, all the best. 🙂

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