The brand naming engagement, which resulted in “Sigante” is detailed here.

Following is how the logo evolved. [ Having named the brand, the business element of real-estate had to be included in the visual identity, without making it seem like a run-of-the-mill real estate company ].

Below : The first sketch in this logo development process led to the final shape as well. Rare, but usually the first option can be literally path-breaking for developing the identity, even when it does not translate to the final logo. [ click on image for larger view ]

I was doodling when a conversation on Twitter, with Sumantra Ray aka @upjaaudimaag [ which literally translates to “a fertile brain” ] gave me a visual reference of the Burj Al Arab towers in Dubai, where, it is claimed that is you stand at the top, you can see so far away into the distance that the curvature of the earth is visible. I conveyed the same meaning to the client via the following graphic. [ click on image for larger view ]

Following are various options for typography, color combinations and shades, logo and brand name placement and final shape suggestions.

The decision to include the letter “S” was made because of higher identification probability in a cluttered marketplace. While there is no direct reference on “buildings” or “construction”, the shapes lend themselves to the idea.

The logo was presented in two placement formats, which the client will modify depending on display media.

An example of the business card, which is only a graphic representation, not the final design :

Having an exceptional client is as important to an identity design & development projects as it is to have an exceptional designer. Without Sahil’s professionalism and constant co-operation with the brief and the meetings and the innumerable emails, this projects would not have been accomplished as smoothly. Thanks Sahil and here’s to a hearing great things about Sigante! Cheers!