This is one of the most fun branding assignments I have been part of.

And the client contacted me via Twitter. A friend of mine @dhruvbhutani mentioned that one of his friends @talv, was looking for a logo designer for a new venture they were launching. I read that on this Twitter updates and asked him to ask his friend to take a look at my branding portfolio.

The client got in touch with me and over the next ten days we worked together on developing and designing a logo for the Psychedelic Tiger. The name is reflective of the fun culture they have developing apps for smart phones. They wanted an element of “wackyness”.

After the initial brief, I sent the following two collective images to the client to decide on the style of the tiger and to narrow down the colors. The client had already given a very clear idea of what kind of logo design they were looking for, so it wasn’t too difficult to help them make clear choices earlier on.

We determined that the choice of style for the tiger illustration / graphic should be more playful than aggressive or serious. Keeping that in mind, I created the following four sketches the old-fashioned way : pencil and pen on paper.

I don’t usually share my recommendations with the client at this stage and wait to hear from them regarding their preferences and the reason behind their preferences. Of course, that does not mean that I don not have a favorite. I loved the last sketch and it turns out the client loved it too. Which made moving on to the next stage easy.

I sent the following colored version created in Adobe Illustrator. The client reminded me that the logo would mostly be used on black backgrounds and they would like the illustration tweaked accordingly.

I shifted the colors a little to make the logo work on black as well as white backgrounds.

I also created black and white versions of the logo.

And that’s a wrap! Check out @psych_tiger on Twitter.


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