I had designed a logo for @gspier’s firm earlier and some packaging for chocolates. I wasn’t writing case studies those days so there’s no case study for the Aquamarine Capital Fund logo. The firm’s logo was designed in 2006 and Guy got back tome to help create a family emblem for him in 2009.

The brief was fairly straightforward. Guy wanted something based on the Knossos Bull Jumpers. The client wanted a stylized / cleaner vector version and not a painting / sketch and sent me the following for addition reference in terms of styling :

Further brief from the client : “Key stylistic elements are the bull with one person holding the horns, one person at the tail to catch, and one person jumping – upside down. No need to get overly creative – just to capture the stylistic elements in a way that simplifies the painting to it’s basic elements while still being recognizable as the Minoan bull jumpers.” Quite clear.

The above feedback and creative direction led to the following sketch :

The client wanted this further simplified, which led to this :

The client liked this and I created the final cleaned up vector as follows :

And that was a wrap!


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