[ This is an old project from 2010 that I never got around to blogging about. ]

Genpact corporate communications got in touch with me – they were looking to get a logo designed for one of their internal events. The tagline was “aspire. connect. lead” and the event was specifically for Genpact’s lady employees – specifically their Women’s Network. Since this was not a mark that needed to be registered / trademarked, it was fairly simple to execute. The client was also quite clear about their requirements, which sometimes makes it easy.

The short creative brief was : “The GE Women’s Network (WN) is a forum that aims to foster women’s professional development and enables them to grow and lead from the front. Leaders from across GE India amalgamate at this forum to discuss, debate, innovate on subjects that make a larger difference to the business.”

The brief was quite simple – the colors and the typeface were defined – and the initial sketch was as follows :

Followed by a cleaner version :

After further feedback from the Genpact team – they wanted something more related to the keywords, which is usually a good path to take when it comes to designing a logo – I sent them the following iterations :

After this iteration, they wanted to see some color options – the colors were defined and there were many permutations and combinations I created alongwith some layout options of the image along with the text / tagline. A few below :

The final logo, layout and color option that was chosen was is below :

Unfortunately I am unable to find any applications / media on which this was used so no perspective on that front.