Once your research points out someone to you as RELEVANT, for your event / brand, then find out whether their activities are regular and consistent. Someone might have been a fantastic blogger 5 years ago but now only updates their blog once in six months and that too with a miscellaneous story about their lawn and birds. Does their blog receive any traffic? Most bloggers / active online users are happy to share their website statistics – ask for those details. It’s like wanting to place an advertisement on a website – don’t you need to know how many pageviews to expect?

While a blog post might be paid / unpaid depending on the deal with the blogger, it is still always better to know what you’re investing in. And spending time is an investment for both your brand as well as the blogger / social media enthusiast.

[ More observations in subsequent posts coming up. If you manage a brand or handle their PR and and have a question, leave a comment or email me on naina@asidebrands.com ]


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