Nokia Lumia 920 Mobile Phone Windows 8 Photographs Photography

Nokia India sent over a Nokia Lumia 920 for me to review [ returnable basis ] and the device was such a joy to photograph! I asked for the white one because I thought it would be easier to make photos of on a dark background. I had fun. [ The technical review of the device can be found on the Shadeheart blog. I am more of a photographer than a mobile phone junkie! ]

Nokia Lumia 920 Mobile Phone Windows 8 Photographs Photography

Nokia Lumia 920 Mobile Phone Windows 8 Photographs Photography

Nokia Lumia 920 Mobile Phone Windows 8 Photographs Photography

I don’t have a micro-SIM because I’m *still* on The Google Android Nexus One. So I could not use mobile services on the Nokia Lumia 920 [ Yeah, I was unwilling to cut up my SIM card on my own. ] I like the camera on the Lumia 920 – and it’s true what they’re saying about low-light capabilities – it looks dark on the screen when you focus and then when it’s captured, Voila! it’s bright as day!

Nokia Lumia 920 Mobile Phone Windows 8 Photographs Photography

Nokia Lumia 920 Mobile Phone Windows 8 Photographs Photography

Nokia Lumia 920 Mobile Phone Windows 8 Photographs Photography

I made a really sad looking Cinemagraph too and my brain couldn’t compute how easy it was to do that. You see, I’ve labored to create real Cinemagraphs using a video shoot plus animated screens in Adobe Photoshop – so I KNOW how many hours it took me. And here comes this device which can make a Cinemagraph in literally seconds. Sigh. Impunity!

Nokia Lumia 920 Mobile Phone Windows 8 Photographs Photography

Nokia Lumia 920 Mobile Phone Windows 8 Photographs Photography

While the camera on the phone is lovely, I wouldn’t spend Rs. 40,000 on a mobile phone. Heck I’m still burnt up about the Rs. 26.000 Nexus One! Also, I’d probably need an app that makes my photos prettier and smaller so I can upload to Twitter on the fly – no such options in the native camera app on the Lumia 920. I’ll be posting photos shot on the camera soon.

Nokia Lumia 920 Mobile Phone Windows 8 Photographs Photography

Nokia Lumia 920 Mobile Phone Windows 8 Photographs Photography

It’s such a pretty thing isn’t it? And my first ever mobile phone – which I bought from my own hard-earned internship money – was a Nokia. So there’s a bit of nostalgia going on here.



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  1. I love the photo with the plug. It looks so isolated. And the background is stunning. I like all the photos very much!

  2. many users said that lumia 920 get very heat ? is it tru?..ur review was very useful n informative..thank you………

    1. Haha! Good for me then – I can impress the brand that I do work that brings them revenue! Thank you for your kind words.

  3. Your story unfolds the similar way as mine. Got my first Nokia Lumia 800 by my hard earned scholarship. I just couldn’t resist myself from getting hands on such a divine adeptly crafted smart phone and wait for windows 8.
    But on one thing you couldn’t beat Lumia 800, the crafty looks and dynamic appearance 🙂

    1. Hey Debashis, that’s a cute story! Technological changes in almost all spheres – especially consumer electronics are so quick and overwhelming these days! Evolution doesn’t allow me to get emotionally attached to my device as much I used to be earlier.

  4. Hi! I did not enjoy your blog and also my visit to it. I second what Mannu has to say. Also a more logical about me for you should read thusly, “My name is Naina and it means “eyes” in English (as if you do not know). It’s my opinion that I am photographer.

    1. Thank you for sharing your opinion Digvijay. I also appreciate your concern about my usage of the English language! It is definitely my opinion and my clients’ opinion that I am a photographer – it’s no wonder that I get to do wonderful work for so many of them! Thank you for asserting the same for me with your comment! Kind words!

  5. Naina.! Nice job, keep it up, as my favourite job is to be a fotographr bt i dnt hv enough tym…! U mst cary on dont sad whn any1 criticise ur wrk u mst answr thm by only ur grt wrk…:-)

  6. It’s an exquisite collection … Thanks for sharing… Photography is about capturing a moment of time which u can’t get back again… And u r doing a great job … Congrats !

  7. i loved all the pics published by u and ur exceptionally good work at handling negative remarks shows ur level of professionalism keep it up all d best

    1. Thank you for sharing your opinion Neal / Anil Uke – depending on what your real identity is. I’m not sure why you are apologizing for sharing your opinion but apology accepted.

  8. I can take better pictures than that without any experience. What crap is this. These are the worst creative pics i have ever seen. And believe me my trial and error effort with photography was better than these. So much for being famous. Bah!

    1. That’s great that you can make better images than these Akhil! Please do share your photographs of the phone. It would be impossible for me or my readers to judge otherwise. Better, more creative talent is always in demand. I doubt the quality of images has anything to do with being “famous” – and I’m flattered that you believe I am a famous person. Thank you for the kind words!

  9. as others said your last one was better than others. But first one is not impressive.
    You are going to make your career bigger. Keep working hard on it.

  10. haha! 🙂 after reading a couple of those ‘rocket’ comments(they really push you higher)!! I am bowled over by the way you have replied to each of them! Wow!! ur interpretation and choice of words! defines a woman of success..
    I’m a little late but Happy Woman’s Day Naina. 🙂
    siba prasad(mr)

  11. how did I forget to comment on the clicks! I agree with Anurag Kalia and Abhi Verma, the plug is definitely the best and then every other has needed a lot of patience to come out so well!

  12. That’s cool i mean the nokia lumia 920 and your photographs are a lot much cooler! What your review has done is tempted me more towards lumia 920 .

    1. Vinay, I am responding to all relevant comments, not just the positive / negative ones. It’s the least I can do for people who are gracious enough to take time out to look at my work and even more so leave a comment. Thank you for the kind words.

  13. It claims to be the most innovative phone that lacks very basic FM and bluetooth…
    I was looking to get a hand on it from a long time, but it seems dissapointing.

  14. Wow! Very gud camera by nokia.
    Since when did nokia started camera business? Have they stopped making phones? Thats indeed a gud camera i mean..

  15. Wow! Naina, a standing ovation! Really those photos are amazing!
    You know, seeing a link on face book, i jus came here to bash nokia for such a pathetic phone with some beta & dumb os wp8!
    Now thats not important here, thers more than nokia phone n photos here.

    1. I must say the camera is superb.

    2. Your “PATIENCE “. Thats ryt, a true woman.

    As i was passing thru the comments, i was pissed by some nerds comments. That was really unacceptable.

    If i were u, definately i wud ve killed dem in words(not in real thou:) )

    But i really liked the way you have replied them, hats off Naina:)

    P.S. Pls ashols, don’t disrespect woman or her work.
    If you cannot keep someone good, try not do bad for godsake.

    Peace out:)

  16. I dnt knw wats wrng wid Nokia these days, they were the leaders in mobile phone industry, and nw they realy have to stive hard.
    neways, naina, superb patience, and even better pics, u shd hav had tried a few other backgrounds and other colour varients of this phone .Do u have some other pics of urs, wud be eagerly waiting to see dem. keep it up sweetheart,u knw ur good at ur work.

  17. nice clicks.. good use of blurs n focus

    but jus one qstn,
    how in the world du u get nokia to send u a cell just to review it !!??

  18. its amazing me since day one…its an awesome phone especialy with camera…l luv m’y lumia920

  19. Hey Naina,

    I Luved the portraiture of Side view of the phone and the plug too.
    Keep up d gud wrk.

  20. Realy Nokia mobile fastly touches always heart touchy handsets & software. thanx Nokia product7.

  21. the better ell i have had till now………..wt a camera………nd processer……wow with amezing fetures!!:)

  22. nice .. pics wid mobile cam

    (next tym .. try to capture .. drop of water .. (sunrise/sunset city) , focus on finger print … traffic,,,, childrens… walking people… and sky .. moon …)
    and upload .

  23. Nyc photography Naina……its nt easy to clk such beautiful photographs wid a phone…u did vry well….nd yeah!! Nokia was my first ever mobile phone as well….. Keep it up!!! 🙂 🙂

  24. Brilliant pics Naina! And the dark background does bring out the beauty of the phone!

    Ps. I have a white lumia 920! 🙂

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