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@raokrishna of @DNA was working on a story called “Tweets, Likes or Dhokha” and I was quoted in the story as a social media influencer. The story was published on 10th February, 2013.

You can click on the image below to view a larger version that is readable or you can Download a PDF of the page from the DNA Edition. Or you can even view the story on the DNA Website.

Tweets Likes Dhokha DNA Krishna Rao Lifestyle Photographer Blogger Influencer Magazine Press

A nice debate got going on Twitter after the link to the story was posted. Disclosure, paid / unpaid, what good is a social media influencer to a brand anyway, etc.

On this blog, I have a category called “Client Assignments“, which has posts that originated from either one of the following :

1. A photography assignment that I was paid for, which I then blogged about – mainly to promote my portfolio. For example the Royal Salute Maharaja of Jodhpur Diamond Jubilee Cup blog posts.

2. The client gives me a returnable / non-returnable product of value to review, I review it and write a blog post regardless of whether it’s a positive / negative review. For example the Adobe CS 6 blog posts.

I am considering creating a category called “Sponsored Content” as well and I then intend to change the “Client Assignments” category to “Photography Assignments”. If 2013 is any indication, there is going to be a lot of both.

There’s always going to be stories about things I love, rotten fruits and travel and self-portraits and beautiful things. If a brand treats me like an entrepreneur who is bringing more credibility and recall to their products and creates a budget for those activities, it does not mean I will write what they want me to in terms of my opinion – if the product is not built well, social media will only destroy it whether paid or otherwise.

The way I see it, I’m being paid for the following:

1. My time
2. The exposure my social media presence provides : via this blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.
3. My skill with the camera and post-production
4. My professionalism

If you are a brand and you have a budget for marketing your products on social media in an intelligent, curated and customized fashion, ask me to send you a campaign pitch / plan by emailing me on


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