This will be the first time I am traveling abroad on my own. Let me stop and soak in that for a moment – apart from the one month that I’ll be soaking in London anyway.

I’ve traveled to a bunch of countries : Italy, France, Netherlands, Canada, Austria, Switzerland and Bhutan. This trip will be my first to the United Kingdom and to the city of London.

Previously I’ve traveled with friends and / family but London is my solo project. I’m looking forward to the trip to London so much that I’ve gone and made it into a project. With a hashtag, a website and a Twitter handle.

The hashtag is #EyesForLondon, the website is [ mirrors London-Specific stories from this domain ] and the Twitter handle is @EyesForLondon.

And the goal is to share how I see London. How the “eyes” see London. [ My name “Naina” means “eyes”. ] I couldn’t have gotten more obvious without it sounding cliched.

The #EyesForLondon project will begin with my suitcase being packed for the trip. I’m flying Virgin Atlantic [ another first ] and will reach London on the 3rd of September!

This post kick-starts my trip and if you’d like to follow the action, follow @naina on Twitter or follow the hashtag #EyesForLondon! I’m expecting to produce multitudes of images!