Started the morning with milk and the American edition of the September edition of Vogue magazine. Quite a start. Today was going to be my first day on my own in London!

Quickly followed by my itch to make some photographs on my camera instead of the phone. Most images you’ve seen so far after my arrival in London, have been made on the phone. The Nexus 4. Not bad but the itch had to be scratched. So I made a few photographs of my host’s home.

Late breakfast / brunch was at the Deli close by but involved a bit of a walk that was punctuated by me squealing how lovely the colors on the flowers were! It also meant intermittent stops so I could make a few pictures. With my phone of course.

We reached the Deli shortly. It’s called Mustard. They have a minimal website but their Facebook page is active. The restaurant itself is quite active – serves delicious food. I had their pork belly with salad and it was divine. So much so that I ordered another portion to take away for dinner!

Got back home to grab a glass of wine and take a picture of the laptop wire-plug. Latter because I didn’t have the India-UK converter and couldn’t use the laptop without it – if I had to go to an electronics store, I’d need to show them something.

While walking to the station, saw the clouds and realized that the forecast of rain for the next few days was probably going to be accurate. Bummer. Walking to station because was headed to the MOO Summer Party! I’d booked myself a ticket while I was still in India and there was no way I was going to miss hanging out with them – I love their products and order regularly. The LUXE range is my absolute favorite.

I was carrying the silver matte sequins and cobalt-blue leather ends clutch by @label_cirare.

Sweet goodies at the MOO Summer Party that was on Scrutton Street.

Quite a crowd there was. Drinks were on the house but not food. Maybe that’s a London thing – I’m learning.

Ah! Frozen yogurt! This one from @moto_yogo.

There were bales of hay and I was soon sitting on one.

On my way back, I had to change trains at London Bridge and got a look at The Shard in the evening! Stunning.

The evening wrapped up with this absolutely tasty chocolate ice cream! I’ve since requested my host to kindly order more and she did! Yummers!

The food at the Deli was fantastic as was the walk, the MOO party was not what I’d expected it to be and the Aldo brogues I was wearing were not kind to my feet. It was also my first time alone on the train and the tube in London and my goodness the peak hours are quite something at Old Street – I had to miss a train because it was jam packed! More adventures coming up on the EyesForLondon story.