Omelette and buttered croissant for breakfast. Yumm.

Walk to the train station. Overground.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the Elmstead Woods train station has a garden that’s curated by volunteers. They’ve set up a tiny pond with fish and flowers and wood benches. Gorgeous little place. There’s lady bugs in the air!

Wait! Is that “holly” from the Christmas wreaths?!

The flora is just amazing and vibrant. And here’s the little pond – with fish.

Another lady bug. Orange this time.

A picture of me on the train to Charing X.

That’s not Charing X station – looks like London Bridge. I’m still figuring it out obviously!

A stool! No wait. That’s a lamp. Csys Lamps designed by Jake Dyson, with a 37 year lifespan. Part of the London Design Festival.

Mexican lunch at Wahaca before heading for a film.

Gorgeous window display at Wahaca.

A self-portrait in the very green loo at Wahaca.

My first time with Churros I might add. Not what I expected but then I didn’t know what to expect! The chocolate sauce was tasty.

The Tamarind Margarita had more alcohol than tamarind and for my second round I asked for more tamarind. It was really really delicious.

First time I’m watching a film outside of India by the way – even though I’ve traveled abroad earlier. At The Empire. Pain & Gain with Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson. Based on a true story and my goodness… I’m finding it hard to believe it really was a true story! Completely nuts! Hilarious.

We’re all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars. Ah. A conversation With Oscar Wilde. We need more poetry in life.

The sun about to set from my room’s window.

Almost set indeed!

London Fashion Week is almost here and even though I’ve put down the dates and times of all the shows on my red Moleskine, I’m extremely excited with all the anticipation! Looking forward to one crazy crazy week.