One of my first “rained-in” days in London. I was feeling a bit under the weather – the excitement got to me – and I think the weather cooperated. I stayed indoors, ate a bit of ice cream, literally snorted the greenery around me and stayed in bed all day. There’s a pretty little garden in the back and I fooled around with the camera a bit.

The neighbors have lovely backyards as well!

You see the water dripping? All rain.

Rather many apple trees around here. Now I have to find one that’s not on someone’s property so I can sample a taste.

That’s the ice cream I’ve been going all gaga about. It’s Green and Blacks. You can also follow the brand on Twitter @greenandblacks and Facebook. I’m eating one almost everyday after dinner and even had my host get me a couple of their chocolate bars. OMG. I don’t know how I’m ever going to go back to eating “regular” ice-cream and chocolate!

My host’s home has these lovely little “British Home” details.

Tiles and door handles and frames and paisley gum boots.

Lots of lovely wine too.

I believe I needed to take a rest just before London Fashion Week starts. Just a couple of days to go!