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This is from Zack Arias‘ session on Gear Hacking. The overarching message was “Just do it. Think of the concept. Don’t be boxed in or limited by gear. FIRST think of the idea.”

As with the other sessions, I’m going to re-produce my notes as-is.

Ability to talk is linked to your ability to make money.

Always stand-in where the subject is, to see the light.

The initial eye-contact your subject makes with your camera? That is real. Looking at the camera, for the subject, should be like looking at the viewer of the image.

This one I’ve often repeated myself. The only people who care about gear are other photographers.

Zack, like the others, mixed in ample doses of humor and even enlisted the help of his wife to compose one of the images.

Just because you “gear-hack” doesn’t make you a “hack” – it makes you a “hacker”. And yes, there IS a difference. There were a few doodlers in class and a few in the back benches were dozing. I can see why this session wasn’t directly relevant to some – but the message is relevant all through our careers.