Previously from the Gulf Photo Plus London Popup : Welcome & Sponsors, Joe McNally, David Hobby and Zack Arias.

This session was the last one on the Pink Stream. OMG how time flies! It was over before it started! And what a finale. @HeislerHimself was wonderful. There’ no other way to put it. He talked about portraiture and his experiences and the things that have served him well through the years. I’ve just placed an order for his book 50 Portraits (Amazon for International) and (Flipkart for India). #AffiliateLinks

I’m going to re-produce my notes as-is. The end of the session consisted of some live-portraiture by Gregory Heisler, for all in the classroom to see.

People (your subject) like to know what the drill is. Don’t just stand around and expect them to “do something”. Make it reassuring for the subject.

You learn different things wherever you go. Assisting another photographer teaches you more of “what not to do”.

Be resourceful. Don’t complain. Figure it out. Make it work. You’re a photographer? SHOOT.

Don’t shoot what it looks like, shoot what it FEELS like. Bit if it looks good, it doesn’t have to make sense!

Above : Mr. Gregory Heisler.
Motivating the practical. Mimicking available light, like it belongs there. Anchored into the scene to make it look natural. Create a climate for your subject.

How to approach a story.
– Who is the client?
– Who is the subject?
– What is the story?
– Why now?
– Where will it be used?

Don’t assume the height of your subject.

You have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. You will get to a good place. It will be cool.

IMPROVISE! Ask questions to determine the project.

( Mr. Heiseler does all his post-production himself. I do too! He is the author all throughout the process. He’s still doing less work for more money and more work for less money. )

The images should feel like they make sense. Think of the OTHER FRAME. Try different lenses. Move the light.

And this wraps up my story from the Gulf Photo Plus London PopUp! And what a ride it was!

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