A girl can always use some beauty-love! And when it’s CHANEL, I say bring it on!

Thank you for sending over these goodies CHANEL, unfortunately, some of them I’m not going to be able to put to good use. The nail paint and the compact I have already put to use – I love the color of the nail paint!

I’m not much of a lip gloss person and whenever I get some as a gift, I pass it on to someone who might use it – I’ve never really understood lip glosses – lip colors on the other hand, I love.

A compact can always be put to use! This one is slightly lighter for my skin tone but I can use it as a highlighter or even a light day time blush *wink* If I was picking up a pressed powder, I would’ve gone with the 30 Naturel. I personally prefer yellowish / brown tints than pink ones.

The lip color is a light pink : Rouge Coco, 60 Triomphe. Since I have slightly darker skin, I prefer reds and browns – darker colors – so this is not something I’m going to be able to use – don’t go by the photo below – in terms of color. You can check out the actual color here on Chanel’s website. Maybe I could mix it with a darker shade – we’ll see.

This is my favorite from the entire bag! Love the nail color, 605 Tapage – for more accurate color, see the product here on the Chanel website. I was done with just two coats! The color is lush and opaque and while my nails are longer than I’d like them to be, they look lovely. I prefer coloring short nails – the shape of my nails is not ideal for long growth.

The 473 Coromandel deep red nail paint looks stunning as does the Bel Argus shimmery blue.

In terms of pricing, contrary to what I believed, all the above are quite affordable with prices ranging from $27 to $42.

Thank you for all the loving Chanel! I love everything – each time I open a package my brain goes “Oooooh! SHINY!” <3 Make-up came to me late in life but with gifts like these, I can see that it’s here to stay.

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