( Hello! Thank you for stopping by! Polite, friendly reminder, Ms. Naina does not photograph weddings any more. Please do see other categories in her photography portfolio. )

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I’m not a wedding photographer. Just as I’m not a sports photographer or a food photographer.

Keeping a separate website dedicated just to my wedding photography work was giving the impression – in my opinion – that I am just a wedding photographer – at least to those viewers who were visiting only that website.

I moved all the Knottytales.com content to a page on the main Naina.co website. You can now see all my wedding photography related content on the WeddingsByNaina.co page with the following URL http://www.naina.co/weddingsbynainaco The domain WeddingsByNaina.co automatically redirects to Knottytales.com, which provides a clickable link to be taken to a new destination i.e. Naina.co

I didn’t want the entire Knottytales.com website to simply redirect to http://www.naina.co/weddingsbynainaco because the change would have been abrupt and without any provided explanations. All the pages on Knottytales.com now display the following image :


I had to do a bit of manual uploading and folder creation at the back end but it was worth it.

Apart from consolidating the Naina.co brand onto just one domain, the other advantage of this move is the “traffic”. While Naina.co received on an average of about 26,000 pageviews per month, Knottytales.com was receiving about 50,000 pageviews per month. The move is about a week old and my last month’s pageviews on Naina.co has already climbed to 36,000.

The third and more intangible advantage was that I just don’t like photographing weddings the way most clients expect me to. The typical Indian wedding photographer is still someone with a team, with lights, with a videographer – someone who is a one-stop-shop. The quality of wedding photography has improved in leaps and bounds and we have jewels like Joseph Radhik, Ramit Batra, Anshum Mandore, Richa Kashelkar, Shreya Sen, Sharik Verma but the average Indian wedding photography client is still not ready. For me.

A while ago I tweeted saying that I was not photographing weddings anymore. And I haven’t photographed a wedding since the Jeevan & Saify wedding in June 2013. Not because I don’t want to but because I haven’t found the right clients. Don’t get me wrong – I’m still getting dozens of emails each week enquiring about wedding photography services. Problem is, most are cookie-cutter, “Hi, I’m looking for a candid wedding photographer. And we want a videographer and a second photographer to shoot the groom’s side of things. And we want four albums and where can I see your work?”

I don’t respond to such emails. I want to be hired because you saw my work and loved it. The second step is that we HAVE TO MEET. Otherwise no can do. Imagine you hire me without meeting me and on the day of your wedding you meet me and realize you don’t particularly like me. That’s not cool because I can guarantee that the images will not be my best. On the other hand, if you meet me and we like eachother? Then there’s going to be MAGIC.

I told you it was “intangible”. It has to FEEL right to me and to the couple. Otherwise the images are going to be just “ok” – which is not what I want. Maybe other photographers can do it, but I can’t.

Indian weddings are difficult to photograph for a multitude of reasons and I want to make sure we at least like each other to begin with. If I’m going to resent you, I’m not going to be focusing on creating great images. And then I’m going to rant and rave and say things like “I hate photographing weddings.”

Moving Knottytales here also means that people who visit to see my wedding photography work will also have a chance to see my non-wedding work, which is the majority of what I do. It will give them a better idea of what I do and what I produce and if they see a fit, well you know how to get in touch with me!