Another cover! Stoked. Thank you Ankur Mishra!

I had photographed Royal Salute’s Jodhpur Polo series and many of the photographs have been published up in the December 2013 issue of the Jodhpur Polo Magazine.

And my first ever full-page ad in the magazine. For a large canvas print of this photograph of Umaid Bhavan.

The images have also been widely used on their website and Facebook pages. Screenshots.


My first cover was for the Asian supplement of an international magazine called American Lawyer. This is second and I hope there will be many more! Love clients who respect creatives AND pay them.


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    1. Hey thanks Ravi! So many hidden compliments in one comment! Made me smile and ask myself the same thing. I don’t know for sure but I believe I really like doing this. The process of SHOOT.EDIT.SHARE. I still find myself not motivated enough at times – there are so many ideas I am not able to follow through because it’s just me and it would be nice to have some dependable teamwork / help etc. Even the little that I do ( little in only my opinion ), the public perception is that I do a LOT. It’s hard sometimes – I just want to shut down everything and go away – so I try to take a break whenever I can. Helps with the rejuvenation and motivation. Besides, I’m used to an independent lifestyle – and I know only I am responsible for it – that is sometimes motivation enough!

  1. Thanks for the reply. Why don’t you write a blog on sharing some little tips to manage stress, time management? (sorry for asking too much :p).

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