Uber has now been in Delhi for a while but I hadn’t had a chance to try out the service because I was shy – you know how it is with new services, you either immediately sign up or you sign up when enough friends have signed up and then there’s no reason for you not to. It was going to be like that with me and Uber except the Wills Fashion Week was coming up and I was already worrying about the parking issues that happen each season. Five days of driving hell.

Luckily for Akanksha and me, we got to try the Uber service during fashion week!

One of the main events for us during fashion week was the Padma Shri party that The FDCI was throwing for Wendell Rodricks and we HAD to be there. But after a long day at Pragati Maidan, neither of us had the energy to drive. Here is Akanksha posing with our very posh Audi A6! Just outside Gate No. 8 of Pragati Maidan on our way to the party at The Park.

Uber was also offering free rides specifically for Fashion Week! They do a lot of cool things, do keep a track 😉

Thank you for posing with us boys! We were all quite kicked with the idea of arriving to the party in style!

Thank you for the amazing photos Akanksha! I love it! Below, me posing.

Below, Akanksha’s showing me how the app works – I still hadn’t tried it and was going to book the ride from The Park back home. It was easy peasy – for some reason I believed it would be complicated etc. but it was super simple as you’ll see in the screenshots at the end of this story.

Uber’s pricing is comparable to most local services – the ride from The Park to Saket, for example, cost us INR 600 only! In an Audi A6. I don’t see ANY reason why I would ever opt for any other services – except non-availability of a vehicle or their “surge pricing” – which I still have not experienced first hand. Let’s see!

Our very awesome chauffeur Parveen who graciously allowed us to take a picture of him! Below me with Jerome and Wendell at the Padma Shri party.

Above, Suneet Varma giving a short speech and below Rohit Bal doing the same. Everyone only has nice things to say about Wendell and I’m not surprised. Love him to bits.

Some screenshots of how the Uber app UI looks.

Luckily Parveen was still in the vicinity and came to pick us up!

I also used Uber for a ride from the airport to my home in Noida a few days back. Got a Toyota Altis ( cost me approximately INR 1,300 ). LOVED it.

The really awesome features that I like are of course the Split Fare ( in case you’re riding with a few friends and no one wants to foot the entire bill – how cool is that! And you don’t have to dig out exact change either – just gets charged directly to your credit cards! ) and the Share My ETA ( I know my folks still worry about “I hope the taxi ride is safe” especially in NCR and I always take a picture of the number plate or forward the confirmation text message to them if I EVER use a cab service in New Delhi ). But Uber makes is so much easier – directly share your ETA!

Apart from that it’s a hassle-free service – you do need a credit card, which most of us have anyway. Also, Uber Delhi does not provide rides FROM Noida but you can book a ride TO Noida as I did with the airport. No excuse not to #RideInStyle anymore for me now!

Disclosure : Uber Delhi gave us a few free rides to test out their service, which worked out well for all involved parties, because I’m a regular customer now!

You can follow Uber Delhi on their web page | Twitter | Instagram and use nainaco as a promo code ( 2 rides free up to INR 500 off on each. Only for new users. Valid till 24th April. ) Sign up and download the Uber App ( Android / iOS )

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For details on what I’m wearing, see #CoverUp 11



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