A photography / blogging gig recently took me back to the city of Bombay. I say “back” because I used to live there about a decade ago. And last I visited was about half a decade ago.

I was to be present for two full days at the Goregaon Film City. It’s been a while I’ve been to the city and needed information on what the closest and nicest hotels were. As usual, I looked to Twitter to help me and I immediately had three responses. All three recommended The Westin Garden City! I checked it on the map and it was the closest hotel to Goregaon Film City.

I do have friends and family in the city of Bombay but since the shoot was going to be two very hectic days, I prioritized my sleep and privacy and opted for a hotel stay.

I reached really late at night and the hotel ride was there waiting for me. Punctuality is important that late in the night and I was quite relieved.

The first thing I saw from my room was a beautiful night lights view of the city off till the horizon! I was in love. I had to wait for something to eat and whiled my time making some photographs from the window.

Delectable Caesar salad ( except for the stringy chicken – which I reported to the adorable Chef before I left ). I had an early day the next day, so off to bed it was. And it was SUCH a comfortable bed.

Shower time was also fun. Especially because there was a bathtub! #WIN

Right next to the bed too – separated by a sliding door.

Particularly large room size especially for a Bombay hotel IMO.

Hot water in the tub, bath gel in the tub and me followed! Nice relaxed bath before I crash for the night. ( I did get some muddy water on the hot water line for the first couple of minutes – I learned there was some issue with the water supply. )

I leave the curtains slightly parted especially when I’m alone in the room – so that I don’t put the alarm on snooze 😉

Morning view. River of fire transformed into a Lego city.

Going for breakfast. Corona in the room is ALWAYS welcome. ( I didn’t have time to photograph / document my stay at the hotel for the two days I was shooting at Goregaon Film City so most of the photographs in this story are from the day I was getting a flight back in the afternoon. )

The Westin Garden City hotel would seem like a business hotel to most but if it’s a holiday, you can tell that lots of families spend time at the hotel with their children – the Seasonal Tastes restaurant will be unusually packed. I had to wait a few minutes before I could find a seat. And the very next day, when it wasn’t a holiday, there was no waiting time!

If you have to go to Film City for work regularly & need a hotel to stay in, the Westin is the best option. Right outside the hotel you’ll find autorickshaws that take about 10-15 minutes to drop you off inside Film City. Very convenient.

The restaurant Seasonal Tastes where I got breakfast all three days. Lots of options.

Watermelon juice and orange and carrot juice – fresh and cold. Very welcome in the morning.

If you’re going to be staying longer at the hotel, apart from the three great restaurants on the premises, you also have the option of hopping across the road to a full fledged shopping mall. Restaurants & stores galore.

Shadow of the hotel building on the highway below as I get breakfast at the Seasonal Tastes restaurant.

Lovely staff. Her smile was so infectious as she went around the restaurant offering peanut pancaked to guests.

I wanted to also go for a dip in the outdoor pool but Bombay’s temperatures are already too much for me to handle. Sadly had to skip that. I always carry a swimsuit with me 😉

The lobby area of the hotel.

It has some beautiful architecture details and some floors of the hotel are IT offices – you’ll see the lift does not have numbers between floors 5 and 18 😉

Beautiful and very large green expanse at the hotel too. They have a lovely health and fitness program and even conduct a Farmer’s Market on scheduled dates.

Thank you for the hospitality Stephanie!

The Westin Garden City, Bombay can be found on their Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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( Disclosure : I got one night complimentary stay on my total bill. )



    1. Thanks Ritu! It is a good hotel 😀 And I had fun – although I barely remember anything from the 2-3 days I was there! So busy with work etc. I’m definitely going to stay there again if I’m there for work – no other option makes sense for Goregaon Film City gigs.

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