New horde of beauty things from CHANEL! Limited Edition, delicate and elegant.

I love the texture of the Illusion D’Ombre eye-shadows and I prefer to apply them to my eyelids using my fingers rather than the brush. I feel that putting a base on the eyelid before adding the eye-shadow powder helps keep the powder on longer. I combined the new 96 Utopia with the previous set of colors for this photo-story.

It’s creamy yet powdery. Light.

165 Sweet Lilac nail color. Perfect pastel candy for the Summers.

And the multi-action / healthy-glow liquid with SPF 15. It’s like a BB Cream and No. 30 is perfectly suited to my skin color. Light liquid – I wore it over the most excellent Perfection Lumiere Velvet.

And this right here is so convenient! Multi-stripe face powder. It is currently available in two swatches, this is the lighter one.

I’m wearing the Rouge Coco, 60 Triomphe lipstick and I’ve slathered on the new 185 Hello lip gloss over it.

Above, with no makeup, followed with make-up eyes open and then eyes closed. Light and great for the day I think. If you combine with a darker color, the eyeshadow can also work for a light evening look. I’m still not a fan of the lip color though. I prefer bold reds and oranges.

Links to new products used  / photographed above :

Eye Shadow : Illusion D’Ombre in 96 Utopia

Nail Color : 615 Sweet Lilac

Multi-Stripe Face Powder : Les Beiges Collection

Tinted Fluid : No. 30 Les Beiges Healthy-Glow

Lip Gloss : 184 Hello


Thank you for spoiling me CHANEL. Especially when I broke the bottle of Beige Parfum – suddenly, “Boo-hoo” turned into “Ooooh! Goodies!” although I’m still dealing with the heartbreak. Despite what I’d written in my previous story about the fragrance, I’d grown to absolutely LOVE it. I’d just been admiring it, sniffing it off my wrists a few hours before the mishap.

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