AFV is America’s Funniest Home Videos and one of my most favorite television shows.

I must add here that I don’t own a television and haven’t owned one for about a decade now with no plans of changing that.

Whatever television I watch is either at my folks’ home or at my sister’s home. Both households have televisions and whenever I’m there, I’m waiting for AFV.

AFV has regular advertisement breaks like other TV shows but they also have a partnership / deal with Disney Parks & Entertainment.

How the show works is that the American viewing public sends in their home videos of people doing silly things and AFV puts them on air after suitable edits. They have a daily winner’s prize of $10,000 for the best video of the day. They also have a $100,000 prize for the best video of the season. The $100,000 winner also wins a trip to DisneyWorld and the show is filmed with the host Tom Bergeron ( Hi Tom! I love you! ) walking around at DisneyWorld and talking about how awesome it is.

What I’m driving at is this : I’ve been on one Disney World space. The one at the outskirts of Paris. When I was there, all I could think of was Tom and AFV. Each time someone mentions anything related to Disney, I think of AFV. Not vice versa though. And remember, I grew up and live in India, where Disney isn’t exactly a cultural artifact.

I was prompted to write this as I read Buying In, What We Buy And Who We Are by Rob Walker. I was also wondering whether I should finally start selling ad space on this blog. I’ve never used AdSense and don’t want to in the future, but I am thinking of ads in the sidebar. I’ve always thought I’d be a sell-out if I started advertising on this blog but then I also see all the millions of people who still stay on platforms like Twitter & Facebook despite ads in their timelines and I think maybe I’m leaving revenue on the table. ( What do you think? )

I’m sad that Tom is quitting the show albeit after 21 successful seasons.

And I hope I will be able to visit a DisneyWorld park that is better than the one in Paris sometime soon. ( I didn’t carry my camera to the Paris one, nothing to show for it. Also it rained too much. )

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