A walk through the Heineken Beer Factory and Museum in Amsterdam. You buy a ticket for the unassisted tour and at the end you get to drink some beer too.

Above Aman and @AkankshaRedhu

It’s fantastic that they’ve saved up their history from original bottles and labels, to awards and uniforms and other accoutrements.

Water + Barley + Hops + Heineken “A” Yeast = YUMMERS!

This was my favorite part of the tour. Mainly because everything looked so beautiful and coppery.

Ceiling of green bottles.

The bottles on the left above are called WOBO bottles. They had the idea of using left-over / used bottles for housing and construction and this bottle was created specifically for that purpose. Once you were done drinking the beer out if it, these bottles could be stacked on top of eachother in various permutations and combinations and used for construction. The bottles on the above right are made of metal – LOVE the finish.

I visited the Heineken Factory and Museum in Amsterdam during the visit to Europe in 2011.

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