My #OneDay wish is to go see the Aurora Borealis and (obviously) photograph it. I hope to do it by 2017, if not sooner. What is your #OneDay wish? ( Reduce the volume on your machine before you hit “Play” on the video below. Too much ambient noise IMO. )

I’m a moving-image nOOb but never to late to figure it out eh? I really do need to figure out how to cut out the ambient noise. It is too much even after I ran the DeNoiser and DeHummer filters in Adobe’s Premiere Pro. (I’m guessing getting an external microphone may do the trick…)

Oh! And don’t forget @AndroidOneIn is running a contest where ten lucky winners who share their #OneDay wish also get that wish to come true!


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    1. Not strange at all Aniruddha! I’ve been wanting to see any of the Aurora displays ( Borealis or Australis ) for so long now. Nice to have put a date to it, even if for a contest! ) Hope you get to experience it soon!

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