We all have that one store we’ve been admiring from outside. The OMA Living store at Khan Market was one of those for me. I’d walked by literally hundreds of time. Stopped and stood in front of the huge glass windows and stared at the beautiful wares. I’ve even photographed a #LiveInCotton portrait right next to the exterior walls of the store!

One day I was spending time on Twitter ( see what I did? I’m always on Twitter! ), and whoever runs the OMA Twitter handle tweeted to me and things just fell into place from there.

After a couple of phone conversations with their team, I was told they have a large store on the Mehrauli-Gurgaon road right next to the Sultanpur Metro Station. ( If you’re driving from Delhi to Gurgaon, it is right after the Sultanpur Metro station on your left – the cut at the traffic light once you’ve crossed the metro station. ) I’d spotted it a couple of times after my phone conversation and knew exactly where to head to once the date for the rendezvous was fixed. Only, I had not anticipated just how large this store truly is.

The store has been arranged beautifully and I felt like I was walking deep into a cave of beautiful home decor products and that the cave turned into a tunnel and would not end. Of course it does end but as far as I am concerned, it could have gone on forever and I would still be wide-eyed and smiling to myself as I am wont to when I see beautiful things. The attention to detail is striking in the OMA Living store. Each piece is surrounded by other pieces that complement each other. While there is a such a vast array of products in the store, not once did it look like it was too much or cluttered. Everything is put together beautifully.

Not only are the pieces beautiful, whoever does the visual merchandising for the OMA store, really does know their craft. Even if you visit this store and don’t purchase an item ( which will be tough believe you me ), you can soak in teh beautiful arrangements and pick up ideas for your own home or living room or any other room. A little birdie told me that OMA’s Visual Merchandiser is someone who flies down from Singapore each month and waves her magic wand and Voila! you have a stunning store to feast your eyes on.

The wall frames top right are such a beautiful idea. Metal flowers framed in black. Elegant statement pieces. Just need one on one wall to make it a spotlight wall.

Another thing that caught my eye was the dizzying array of artificial flowers that OMA stocks. That these flowers look as real as the real thing is quite a feat. Lotus, Dahlia, Rose as well as just leaves and even some stunning ones that I don’t know the names of. Beautifully displayed and the store can also help you pick out an arrangement in a way that is stays as a permanent flower arrangement in your living room. Add a beautiful vase and you suddenly have a statement piece for the centre table of your living room.

Since it is the festive season, the store has many special arrangements and products specifically for this season. The cute tea-light ceramic holders above caught my eye. Gold-dipped tips and beautiful petals and in three colors. A concentric arrangement of these at your door during the Diwali season is such a lovely idea! I’ve been thinking about it since I got back from the store.

The store staff even did a couple of table arrangements for me to see how their Festive Collection can be put together to make a table centre-piece. ( Thank you Rishi! )

The OMA store’s ceilings accommodate some beautiful chandeliers in various forms and sizes. An object that adds light to a room can also be a centre-piece and OMA has various designs ranging from the vintage / antique look to the modern / contemporary / clean look. They also have varying sizes and densities of lights. I couldn’t help but photograph almost all the chandeliers currently in the store. ( Yes, these change too, depending on the latest store layout. )

The retail concept of ‘OMA’ has been developed and promoted by The Hero Group and Stalwart Homestyles and the range of products includes dining, tableware, wall art, vases, bed and bath, textiles, glassware, lighting and flowers.

Two short videos of the store shared below :


OMA Living’s Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram ( and they are planning an e-commerce online store as well! Coming soon! )




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