Twitter has been abuzz with the latest “social network” ELLO being lit up with hundreds of new sign ups because “Facebook is dead”. I hadn’t realized my quitting Facebook would cause such an exodus and provide much needed life to Ello, which had not been getting much traction since it launched. I hope they send me some money for helping push this crowd to their platform. I’m not too happy though – since I received the invite to join the network so late, someone’s already squatting on “@naina” and I had to make do with “@nainaco” Maybe this will urge the higher powers at Twitter to give me a verified account you know. Things are so dangerous and online life so unpredictable. I mean, the least a new social network can do is ensure celebrities like me get their vanity URLs when they sign up. Not done Ello, not done.

I did think it’s cool that the social network’s domain is – just like mine They have benefited so much from my path-breaking ideas. They really should send me some equity. Or even cash in an envelope will do.

I’m into big-ass photos. And I’m into Selfies. Selfies are good. I paste my face everywhere I go – but it’s only possible virtually. IRL I might not get away with pasting printed paper posters of my face all over the place. Unless of course ELLO sends me some money – then I could invest in paper printing of my selfies and that would be another path-breaking idea that one of you would copy I know. It’s ok. Just send me some equity.

NainaCo-Photographer-Storyteller-Luxury-Lifestyle-Raconteuse-Ello-Social-Network-Profile-NainaCo NainaCo-Photographer-Storyteller-Luxury-Lifestyle-Raconteuse-Ello-Social-Network-Profile-NainaCo NainaCo-Photographer-Storyteller-Luxury-Lifestyle-Raconteuse-Ello-Social-Network-Profile-NainaCo

What I’ve written above might’ve been to take a dig at the whole social media scenario these days but ELLO is a real new social network and you can find me at ( Who said there can’t be poetry in URLs! )

Thank you @Sahilk for the invite. Still early days for Ello. Early enough for you to probably park your vanity URL but not early enough for me to include a link to my Ello profile on the “Updates from” links section below. It used to be about “networking” earlier. I’m no longer sure what it’s for anymore.

I will leave you with this :

( It’s a Bollywood Hindo song. Ello Ello. Cheers! )