What does one do when one finds out there’s an organic cotton, one-tailor one-jeans, selvedge denim label right in one’s backyard? One goes and pays them a visit. And buys a couple of pairs of those exquisite jeans of course! I tweeted to the Korra Twitter handle, saying that I’d been contemplating whether I should visit their facility ( they are in Okhla, which is close to where I live ) or if I should order myself a pair of their jeans and also request their “Try At Home” service. Shyam, who currently handles the Twitter account ( and is also the founder and CEO ), responded to the tweet, which took me one step closer to putting this on my schedule.

Korra also has a lovely website and I’d already stared at it multiple times after I’d found out about them ( via iSayOrganic no less! ). I stared at it again one afternoon, wondering how lovely it would’ve been if I could’ve shot this instead of the photographer they’d hired! Ah the cycle of, “Damn why didn’t I do that?” I thought I’d give Korra a call on their landline number to at least find out what they recommended as the best way for me to get a pair of their jeans.

Shyam answered the phone and as I’d expected, recommended that I could drop by and take a look at their work and pick up a pair while I was there. It sounded tempting and I asked him if I could bring my “small camera” along, to which he said I could as long as I did not take pictures of him because he’s been eating a bit much lately. *giggle* Another step closer to me falling in love with this brand! How cool was this I thought. Not only does the founder answer the phone, he’s also delightful to speak with!

So off I went. Some photographs of their facility in Okhla as I was shown around and then some photos of me trying on Korra jeans and then some photos of me unpacking the second pair I bought from them.

Natural Indigo dye. Jeans made in India. Machined Brass rivets. They even brought in old machines instead or purchasing shiny new ones because why waste?! Also smaller environmental footprint. Stunning. It takes dedication to the cause of craftsmanship and sustainability to make such a choice. And I am delighted to think of the character that each of those machines brings to the denims that are created using them. Each pair with it’s own unique characteristic. Each order is created from scratch using handmade patterns.

The scrap in their waste baskets was so little, I was left wondering just what they did with it and then I began to notice that it was all around me. Rugs. Bags. The waste baskets themselves! The Try At Home kit bags. The beanbag styled seating in the trial room. It was everywhere! That’s like taking the brand and what it stands for to the next level – considering Korra is a new brand ( they’re just a year old ), this is absolutely remarkable.

The absolute kicker for me was that one tailor makes one whole pair of jeans. I’d watched a documentary late last year where a lady who had been sewing the same seam on a garment for the last 14 years was interviewed. I cannot imagine the kind of depravity it takes for us to enable such a thing. I have been much more conscious about where I buy my clothes from and what Korra does fit the bill on so many levels.

Below, Shyam explaining to me what the different machines do.

Above, the machine covers and below right, the waste basket : made of scrap denim patches.

Even the threads used are 100% organic cotton!

Above, the Try At Home kit bags with various shapes and sizes of denims that go out to customers. ( The Try At Home service currently costs Rs. 500. If you’re looking to purchase from Korra for the first time and are in NCR, this is the best way to figure out your best fit. You only need to do this once and with the numbers and recommendations you receive, you will then be well prepared for your next order with Korra. One of my biggest worries is that I have a feeling these jeans will last forever and I will have to get ingenuous with excuses on how to purchase more! )

Above, extreme left I’m wearing the only pair of jeans I was left with and both right are the Straight Slim that I ended up purchasing after a 2 inch reduction in the length. ( Thank you for the two photos Mia! )

I wore one the new Korra jeans, the above rolls contain one other Korra pair as well as the old fast-fashion brand I was wearing when I visited.

The Men’s Straight Slim jeans that I bought for myself were made by Arif. The next time I visit Korra, I will get a selfie with him. I still cannot believe I forgot to do that when I was there! I’ve been wearing this pair of jeans every day since I got it. I love how it fits. Shyam advised that I should wear them for as long as I can manage without washing them so that the jeans take after my body’s shape. I’m taking that advice rather seriously.

That edge sewn on the right back pocket of the jeans above? That’s your identifier for a Men’s product. The women’s jeans have the same on the front right coin pocket. I also love that Korra does not put a patch of its logo or any form of branding on the outside of the jeans.

Since I’ve been so busy wearing this particular pair of jeans, I haven’t included any photographs of the other pair, which is Italian Selvedge denim. Maybe I will include it in another story in the future but you will be hearing more about Korra from me.

You do not need to visit their facility to order a pair of denims, their website has an online store. If you have any doubts about sizing, just give them a call. They are adding new styles and colors and they are not going to be restricting themselves only to jeans. There’s already denim shorts on their store as well!

Thank you for your hospitality and your time Shyam and Mia. Not only did I learn way more about jeans than I ever expected, it was also a lot of fun!

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