Photographed the India Art Fair Closing Party for Le Meridien New Delhi. Also did a #CoverUp edition for the same. I don’t usually get time to play “dress up” when I’m getting ready for a photography gig but lately I’ve been planning and choosing in a way that allows me some free time either before the client’s shoot or after.

Spent another day at Lodhi Garden with this one. She is now in Goa for a couple of months and we really wanted to hang out at least once before she left. There were geese too! This is the story on her blog that I photographed that day.

The picnic involved only fruits & green tea and blended things. The fitness regimen I’m on doesn’t allow added sugar or added fat and definitely no alcohol, so this was perfect. It was a beautiful sunny day.

Above left is the Apple + Chikoo + Yoghurt blended thingie I’d brought along. And above right is one of the Hermes hats we were wearing to ward off the sun.

Another brunch date with her. Always wind up going to Latitude in GoodEarth at Khan Market. She didn’t want to be photographed. My face was too close to the lens for a selfie. Both happy faces though. I was trying something new with the Fuji X100. Only black and white photos – they seem so romantic. But after this little experiment, I was reminded I LOVE color so much. Could keep up with the black and white photography for more than 15 days.

Food was fabulous. This New Zealand lamb cutlet thing with mushrooms and potatoes was delicious.

The drive back home over crowded Mathura Road. And a package from Chandon India waiting for me when I got home.

The boy was back. We decided to surprise the Quesa Gang. And surprised they were. Nice evening.

I end up buying into this notion that my work might get taken more seriously if I supplemented it with black and white photography. It doesn’t last long though. I absolutely love colors. Fighting against seeking external validation? The struggle is real!

February also meant insane good feedback on the street style I’ve bee photographing, which prompted me to get the domain because the hashtag I’d been using is #EyesForStreetStyle The photographs continue to be published on this blog and the domain re-directs to the street style category here.

January was brilliant. I photographed the St. Regis brand launch in Jaipur. That has been the highlight of 2015 so far. I’m writing this blog post in March and it has been unequivocally shitty. It looks like it’ll be getting better starting tomorrow because I’m photographing the launch of the Le Meridien hotel in Gurgaon. Prior to this though, I was unwell and that always exacts a cost from everything else.

Also fashion week is coming up and there’s going to be more #EyesForStreetstyle! And this time the fashion week is being sponsored by Amazon, so who knows, things just might take a turn for the good and put India on the international map!


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