Woo hoo! Lush new letterheads for! 180gsm paper from Mohawk Papers as used by Moo. All photos I’ve used are from my portfolio and they are all black and white. I could have chosen color images as well but I hadn’t tried this product earlier and was not sure how color images at the back of a letterhead would look. I thought they might take away from the actual letter. But let us see. Once I’ve used all the 50 sheets in this set, I will order another set where I will use color photographs and then report how THAT goes.

The packaging of all Moo Luxe products is gorgeous too. Truly makes it work for the luxury branding they are projecting. Now if only I could package my letters the same way when sending them out!

Once I’m done with the previously collected stacks of luscious envelopes, I plan to order a set of those from Moo as well. Maybe by then they’ll have started printing customized envelopes too? Who knows!

My affiliate link that will get you a discount if you have never ordered from Moo earlier.

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