Shweta Kapur’s label 431-88 had one of the most interesting press notes for it’s Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn / Winter 2015 presentation called “Manhole”. I cannot possibly word it better, so copy-paste it is.

Drawing from the designer’s personal experience of falling into a manhole and injuring herself, 431-88 decodes the occurrence into creating the label’s urban-grunge Autumn/Winter 2015 collection. Manhole grids, mud splashes, coal creases, rips and tears in the outfit that was, and a bloody leg, were certainly the way forward for the inspiration and the details of the collection.

The season’s colours are monotone consisting largely of greys, blacks and whites with generous contrast accents. Taking a cue from the blood clots, red has been positioned to represent raw scar tissue.

Fabrics such as wool, crepe, micropoly, microdot crepe, lycra net, jersey, neoprene and fur characterize the aesthetics of the latest collection, keeping true to the seasonal change. In a first for the label, prints have been developed and placed influenced by the smudge marks and juxtaposed with works of Francisco Sobrino where geometry has a big role to play.

This AW15 collection drifts towards being dressed for a sexy soiree, while keeping the ensemble street and accident friendly. A composite collection that maintains its ethos of comfort, whether it is a cutout evening dress of louche hip-hop pants.

This wraps up my runway coverage and photography of the very first Amazon India Fashion Week. The Street Style photographs will continue to be uploaded to for at least another month if not more! There were lots of well-dressed people at fashion week this time.

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