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Adobe is the #EyesForNewYork Creativity Partner and tomorrow, I’m headed to Los Angeles to cover the Adobe MAX Creativity conference as one of Adobe Insider’s. I’m blogging this to introduce the other Insiders who will be covering the conference alongside me – they have their own agendas of course! You have no idea how absolutely stoked I am to be on this list of Adobe’s APAC MAX Insiders. For one, I’m the only girl on it!

The APAC MAX Insiders : 

Ankit Vengurlekar is the Vice President for Content at #fame, a talent led digital entertainment network. Popularly known as ‘The Video Guy’, he is the Go To Video person for creating compelling video content across screens and platforms. He is also an award winning TV Anchor and Producer having previously anchored over 800 half-hour weekly news feature shows on India’s leading business channels CNBC TV18 and CNBC catch his insights on technology here. ( I know Ankit – have met him in Bombay many years earlier and hope to see him at the conference! Yay! )

As a composer and musicologist, Ben Romalis focuses on the conceptualisation of new and innovative material. Realizing these concepts creates exciting challenges, especially when working across multiple genres and formats. When working with clients, Ben zeroes in on the nature of communication, identifying the way musical elements manifest in speech and dialogue.

Chris Panzetta is Managing Director of S1T2 (Story 1st. Technology 2nd) because they believe everyone loves story, and want to discover new ways of telling them. Discoveries like that have always come from a tradition of brave technical playfully explores new technologies.

Jason co-founded For The People in 2014 to help businesses rethink how they operate, in order to put people at the heart of who they are and what they do. He works predominantly with start-ups to disrupt existing models, and entrepreneurial leaders to reimagine their organisations for the digital age. The rest of his time is spent on the podcast, By The People, and AGDA (The Australian Graphic Design Association).

Matt believes that people and communication have the greatest impact on business performance. “Business success has to be determined by the people, not the leader, otherwise the business would die with the leader.” In 2013, Matt founded affectors PTY LTD to bridge the gap between art and commerce. Between 2005 and 2014, Matt ran the Drawing Book Studios, a group of managers dedicated to finding work for visual poems internationally.

Myungsup Shin is a designer and co-founder of Plus X, a firm that delivers consistent designs across a variety of touchpoints such as brand, graphic, UI, UX, product and motion graphics. The firm’s clients include Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, ebay Korea and Prudential. Since 2010, it has won 32 global awards spanning Reddot Design Award, IF Design Award, IDEA Award, Japan Good Design Award, USA Good Design Award, Brand New award and the 2010 Cannes Lions PR Lions Silver Lion.


There’s me!

Naina is a Luxury & Lifestyle Photographer and Blogger. She is known for her vibrant imagery and visual story telling. With a background in branding, Naina bring a consultative and marketing led perspective to her clients and their brands. Her clients include some of the world’s leading luxury and lifestyle brands.

Adobe MAX 15 #NAINAxADOBE #EyesForLA #EyesForNewYork #REDHUxNYC Luxury & Lifestyle, Photographer Storyteller, Blogger

Adobe got in touch with me to attend Adobe Max 2015 that takes place in Los Angeles in the first week of October. Not only does it work well with my #EyesForNewYork gig – as an extension. #EyesForLA maybe? Super cool. Partnering with Adobe on literally anything is always welcome – the brand is a part of my life as a photographer. And the company is replete with thorough professionals who are fair and nice people to boot.

I was sceptical at first about a “conference”. But that thought was banished the second the Adobe Max website loaded on my laptop! The list of speakers is astounding! Baz Luhrmann, Austin Kleon, Nick Offerman, Adobe’s Russell Brown, Erika Hall of Mule Design, Josh Higgins of Facebook, Bert Monroy and Jessica Hiche are just some of the people whose work I’ve been inspired by. To see them speak, right there, in front of me, will be spectacular!

I announced Adobe as the Creativity Partner for my EyesForNewYork project on social media. I am bowled over by their openness to the risk of agreeing to going the whole hog as I’d laid out in my pitch to them. I can hardly believe that the brand signed up for it and saw the potential in my proposal. IT IS GOING TO BE FABULOUS! I want to do so many things with this! I use Adobe’s software regulary – Lightroom / Photoshop / InDesign top the list for editing photographs, re-touching / post-production and invoice design. My business depends on these- the subscription model and the new features Adobe releases regularly have only added to my love for the brand. I’ve already done so many things with the brand previously and each new partnership is exponentially more awesome!

Adobe Max is a 3-day conference and these are going to be three very full days. My brain can’t currently comprehend what I’ve just signed up for! There is going to be so much happening at the conference. And I have three days before the conference in LA and who knows, I might find a nice spot to do some #EyesForStreetStyle as well! Ooooh! I could do this at Adobe Max too! Like I said, the ideas are only slowly starting to form in my head. This is going to be fun. ( I know, I know. I can’t help repeating that ).

I’m going to be blogging and updating my social media channels with all that I experience when I’m in New York and when I’m in Los Angeles and I cannot wait to get this party started!

Adobe Max : Website | Twitter | Facebook

I will be using the following hashtags : #NAINAxADOBE and / or #EyesForLA and the official hashtag for the conference is #AdobeMax15

Adobe MAX 15 #NAINAxADOBE #EyesForLA #EyesForNewYork #REDHUxNYC Luxury & Lifestyle, Photographer Storyteller, Blogger

( All graphics above from the Adobe Max Website ).


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