( Short rant post fashion week. This video is early in the week – it’s shorter than my usual 8 minute posts, which come out at 9 am every Wednesday. )

One ends up meeting a profusion of bloggers and photographers, new ones, those who’ve been around for a while, those who are doing well, those are doing so well and the challenges remain the same across the board. ( Although I have noticed that it’s more women who seem to have trouble asking for money – maybe I’ll do a video on this too. ) It’s fabulous to be able to hang out with this crowd – I’m always looking to answer more questions and doubts about the photography & blogging industries and this provides great conversation points.

But saying that somehow brands or PR Agencies “owe” bloggers is just stupidity. They don’t owe a blogger anything. A blogger is a resource they use to further their own business and agenda. It’s like a blogger hiring a photographer to photograph the blogger’s outfit posts – you’re using the photographer for your own blog – if the photographer doesn’t ask to be paid, in all likelihood, you are not going to pay them – who’s problem is that? The photographer’s. ( It is a bit of a problem that you should be able to help solve as well but you aren’t going to be held responsible for it. You are not responsible to help the photographer run a profitable business, the photographer is. ) Similarly, a brand manager or PR agency is not responsible to help you run a profitable blogging business. You are. To expect an agency or brand to loosen their purse strings because a blogger thinks they’re “worth more than Rs. 5,000” is NOT how this works. You have to show and prove value consistently over a period of time. If they see value, they will pay.

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