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There’s a photograph wherever you look. Literally. I prefer the red one above to the monochrome one below but I like both. Views from my room’s window. ( I’m on the 14th floor of The Residence Inn LA Live and contemplating what to do with my day today. ) I’ve located an American Apparel warehouse that’s about 60 minutes walking distance from here and I’m heading there in a bit. I’m going to be so broke by the time I’m back in Delhi. I would have spent all that I had saved for this trip to America. I’ll still have enough cash to get me through another couple of months in Delhi – including rent – so I’m not worried about the money situation. It’s a nice feeling to have been able to do this trip – and not just like how I’d wanted to but so much more. The #REDHUxAIRBNB hospitality partnership and New York Fashion Week and now #NAINAxADOBE! I’d only planned for New York Fashion Week and that too I wasn’t hoping to get into more than 3-4 shows and it turned out that I had to actually turn down at least half a dozen shoes because it was getting mad! So yeah, this trip is a success. I’d also planned to photograph some #EyesForStreetStyle in New York and I ended up photographing A LOT. You’re going to be seeing the series continue well into the end of 2015 on this blog.

Meanwhile, I’ve been feeling rather contemplative. In between listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast and sleep and Whatsapp messages from the boy – he sent me a link to a song where the chorus is “I wish you were here.” He doesn’t normally do that. I realize, with each passing day, just how much I love him. It’s nice. After what seems like a lifetime of having my heart broken, I’m at a comfortable, safe place. I like that. It leaves me with mental space to focus on other things. My own self for one. Who knew!

Los Angeles has really wide roads that seem to run straight to the horizon for miles on end. One block of walking here seems a whole lot longer than what it seemed like in New York. I actually Googled “One block in Los Angeles vs. one block in New York.” Didn’t find anything to support or deny the feeling of longer distances in LA. The only way I’m going to find out is by getting out and walking to American Apparel! I will be slowed down substantially because of this thing that I have though. Always slows me down. It’s almost like a disease that doesn’t let me walk faster. And friends and family are always kind about it but I can tell they’re irritated some times. What would normally taken an hour to walk to ends up taking two or sometimes even three hours. Obviously I’m talking about the camera and my need to photograph EVERYTHING.

Los Angeles #NAINAxADOBE #EyesForLA #AdobeMax15 Naina.co Luxury & Lifestyle, Photographer Storyteller, Blogger


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